Hand operated clicker press for saddlery and Leather work

8360 Hand operated clicker press for saddlery and Leather work

CowBoy 8360 Hand operated clicker with swing arm, cutting surface 300 x 215 mm, swing arm width 205 mm.
The surprising power, strength, and portability of this industrial quality die cutting machine set it apart from all other clickers in its class. The CB-8360 hand operated press die cutter with swing-arm cutting head can perform many types of die cutting with steel rule dies and clicker dies.

 This bench top clicker has been used for leather, embroidery, badge cutting, card stock, magnetic cards, coasters, small plastic shapes, straps and belt ends, clothing, rubber, key fobs, cork, plastic, felt and many other materials. Ruggedly built with a cam actuated mechanical advantage This die cutting press requires little effort making operation very easy. The swing arm operation provides the operator with a clear view of the work table (cutting board) making location on printed products a snap. Rotating head gives clear view and easy access.   The 8360 functions much in the same manner as larger swing head machines in that there is no need to pull the leather out of the machine.   Simply swing the cutting head out of the way and re-position the die over the work for the next cut.  The 8360 also functions as an excellent embossing machine and can emboss many different types of leather with many varied patterns.   The machine also works well with makers stamps and cheater dies for tooling and leather carving.

Every leatherworker arrives at  a point where they need a clicker, but can't afford the cost. The CB-8360 provides industrial clicker-type performance at a extremely low price.
Punching power: manually apply - theoretically up to several tons
Overall dimensions: 305 x 356 x 380 mm (without lever)
Lever length: 812 mm
Punching head rotation: 360 °
Punching size: 300 x 225 mm (width x depth)
Measurement: 200 x 215 mm (width x depth)
Max. Material thickness 10 mm (depending on material)

Weight: 45 kg
very solid steel construction
easy handling
suitable for many common materials
purely manual machine - no energy costs
Simple knife adjustment
Pushing against a plastic dance pad
Using inexpensive punching tools possible
Tool heights 23-40 mm available

Hand operated leather clicker - an alternative for die cutting of small leather goods

We have 2016 now received a manual version of die cut press for soft materials in our product range, we have been very often approached by customers if they do not exist smaller machines as a swing arm. By CB-8360 we want to offer this alternative Function of manual die cutting press clicker. The operating principle is identical to a swing arm. The portable punch head is hung on a cylinder on the back of the machine. The force is applied, however, not hydraulic, but manually using the hand lever. The punching head is tilted slightly, also as a swing arm.

Can be used in many applications

Ultimately, this manual die cutting press machine is widely used worldwide for smaller leather cutting and stamping- photo or laboratory work. However, other soft materials such as abrasives, carpets, electronic components, foams, footwear, rubber, leather products, electronic components, packaging, paper, foil, textiles, automotive accessories such as sound insulation components, cork, fabric, sponges, seals, laminates, medical products, foamed packaging, plastic cards, labels, and more to be punched.

8360 Manual clicker press: How should operate the machine

The manual clicker press has a solid weight of approximately 45 kg. The machine should be mounted on an approximately 70-75 cm high table, to ensure the best leverage in an ergonomic work can. Since powers always trigger counter-forces, this 70-75 cm substructure must be suitable not only for the weight, but also additional punching forces. The machine must be bolted to the substructure and thus secured against displacement.

Tool height adjustment

The different tool heights are compensated by different degrees cutting boards. There is a hand wheel with the clear opening height and fine adjustment is set to the printing cylinder.


On the back of the machine there is a major oil point. Here goes a weekly drop of oil from everyday use.

Punching tests before ordering

We want you to be satisfied with the desired machine! Therefore we like to show off your order punching experiments with your punch and your material so that we can be sure that the machine is suitable. In unsuccessful attempts we will of course also notify.
We like to test our machine with your materials and tasks before buying, so you have a 100% certainty that the machine is suitable for you.