Adler 166 heavy duty zigzag sewing machine

Adler 166-1 heavy duty lockstitch zigzag machine

This type heavy barrel-shuttle zigzag sewing machine is designed for all zigzag, straight and coarse stitching operation on medium to heavy material used in the upholstery, tarpaulin, tents, leather and footwear industries. For join carpets by the zigzag stitch process. 

Adler 166-302 is combstitch moccasin flat bed sewing machine for imitation moccasin on open ladies’ and men’s shoes, in the leather goods industry for e.g. travelling bags and sport handbags. #166-302 is a heavy duty T-stitch sewing machine. 

Adler 166-3102 and Adler 166-102 are heavy duty zigzag moccasin sewing machines with barrel shuttle hook. For moccasin and beading seams, in a number of different varieties. Using the large range of attachments offered with these special machines it is possible to quickly produce a number of single and twin needle seas, with outstanding accuracy. 

Adler 166-3102 is 1-needle set for regular straight stitches, hinged zigzag foot, incising foot for moccasin beads, double roller foot (to be used in conjunction with rigid needle holders 4,5.5 and 7mm only). For cross-stitch moccasin seams; for transverse moccasin stitch; for moccasin bead seam stitches of different kinds with and without incising effect, and for large variety of coarse-stitch fancy seams both zigzag and normal straight stitch. 

Adler 166-102 is two needles with needle clearance between 5 and 9mm adjustable, bottom feed, large transverse barrel shuttle, link take-up lever, beading foot, and reversible feed. The Adler 166-102 is designed especially for sewing beading with and without cord insert and coarse-stitch fancy seams---the main field of use is in the leatherware trades. A machine of this kind can be used successfully for producing fancy and decorative effects on the covers of cases and briefcases, on hold alls, sport types of ladies’ handbags and on shoes. Simply by changing the two-needle set for a single-needle set, this machine can be used for sewing coarse-stitch fancy seams, as well as for sewing ordinary straight and zigzag stitch seam in thick or medium thick leatherware. The Adler 166-102 can be used with linen threads up to number 18/6-ply. Barrel shuttle machines are particularly suited for work using thick threads. This type barrel shuttle hook also fits to Adler 104 and Adler 105