Adler 220 heavy duty high speed long arm sewing machine

Adler 220 heavy duty high speed long arm sewing machine ( for the production and repair of standard or coated, rubberized or bituminized awning cloth of up to 1200 grams per square meter weight and 18-3 ply linen thread, according to the machine model. For tent and sail cloths, awnings, jute, coarse linen, cotton drill, heavy synthetic and rubberized fabrics, heavy upholstery materials, coconut, sisal, boucle yarn, fiber plates and leather. For double and lap seams on normal tarpaulins made from cotton or jute material as well as for all coated and rubberized synthetic materials up to 1200 grams/m². The combined bottom, needle and upper feed will ensure even feeding also with materials which are likely to cause feed difficulties; neither will the material layers get displaced nor will crease be formed. The machines are equipped with combined bottom, needle and upper feed (alternating presser feet) guaranteeing a positive material transport; 1 or 2 needles; 1 or 2 especially large rotary hooks; timing belts; sliding take-up lever; safety clutch, presser foot lift and reverse stitch gauge upon request between 4.8 and 60mm, and have below models: Adler 220-50-73 Adler 220-50-73 W Adler 220-50-273 Adler 220-50-273 W Adler 220-76-73 Adler 220-76-73 W Adler 220-76-273 Adler 220-76-273 W Adler 220-LG 50-73