Cowboy CB3200 Leather Sewing Machine--saddle and harness stitcher

Cowboy CB3200 heavy duty leather sewing machine for stitching saddles, harness and horse tack

--Economical, but real good!!

 The lowest cost heavy-duty compound feed walking foot machine for sewing saddles and harness available on the market today. It has the ability to sew very heavyweight materials due to the Adler 205/Juki 441 style shuttle hook. The machine also has far less skipped stitches because of the precision components used in the shuttle hook. It features a triple feed mechanism with walking foot, needle feed, and feed dog. It features a full reverse mechanism and can match the stitch holes perfectly in forward and reverse.

The Cowboy Model CB-3200 is an ideal machine for sewing most lightweight, medium weight, and heavy weight leather items.  The machine will sew as light as a couple pieces of 3-4 ounce chap leather, all the way up to 3 layers of 12 ounce harness leather.  The maximum sewable thickness of this machine is around 5/8" thick.  The machine features a fully operational compound feed walking foot mechanism, fully adjustable stitch lengths from 4-16 stitches per inch, as well as a fully operational reverse mechanism.  The machine has fully adjustable top and bottom tension mechanisms, as well as fully adjustable presser foot tension mechanism.  The ratio of height between the inner and outer presser foot is also adjustable, allowing this machine to sew over multiple steps of material with ease.

A full array of attachments are available for this machine including material guides, left right, and double toe harness feet, and fabric and padded material feet. Different feed dogs are also available such as smooth feed dogs and toothed feed dogs. A full assortment of different needle plates are also available for this machine such as holster plates, stirrup plates, and flat slotted needle plates. All presser feet and needle plates are made of solid investment cast stainless steel. Cowboy is the only manufacturer on the market to feature solid stainless steel accessories for their sewing machines. The machine can sew leather products as well as nylon webbing and also coated materials such as Beta and Biothane webbing.

Applications: saddles, harness, horse tack, bridles, upholstered furniture, heavy jeans, sofas, lifting slings and cargo lashing straps, luggage, handbags, shoes, sandals, slippers, briefcases, purses, pouches, leather goods and other curved work.

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The chief technician from CowBoy American Inc. Ryan O Neel (has over 15 years of hand on leather sewing experience) is training workers in our factory.

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