Leather sewing machine

CB105 Heavy Duty Cylinder Bed  Leather Sewing Machine with Reverse Stitch and Barrel Shuttle Hook

1. Very low cost, this machine is the cheapest one in the range of heavy duty leather sewing machines;
2. With Singer 45K and Adler 105 type Barrel Shuttle Hook, which can sew with very thick thread;
3. Strong needle penetration force is capable of sewing up to 7/16" of saddle leather, with up to #346 bonded nylon or polyester thread, as well as a variety of materials such as vinyl, canvas, synthetics, heavy webbing and more;
4.  Roller presser foot and harness maker’s presser foot are available for leather work;
5.  Improved with reverse stitch;
6.  Very easy to use.


Uses for this machine include saddlery, leather and bioplastic harnesses and bridles, gun holsters, ammo pouches, gun belts, weight belts, nylon webbing tow ropes, animal collars and leashes.
This heavy duty sewing machine is also great for manufacturing Luggage, Shoes, Moccasins, Sport bags, Golf bags,Tool belts, Load straps,Lashing straps, Container belts, Heavy weight tents, Tarpaulins, Carpets and mats and Protective garments

Max. Sewing Speed: 800 RPM
Presser foot lift: 1/2 inch (12mm)
Maximum stitch length: 7mm
Needle sizes: #22 to #27
Thread sizes: #69 to #350
Cylinder bed length: 10.5"

Optional Sewing Devices:

1. Leather Presser foot: this presser foot is used on the machine when sewing leather. The advantage of the foot is that it is more narrow and smaller than the stock foot on the machine, allowing the user to get into tight places better.
2Roller Presser Foot: the roller presser foot is used for decorative stitching or scroll stitching with the CB105 leather sewing machine. This roller foot is adjustable.

3. HVP-70 Servo motor: the real servo motor for heavy duty industrial sewing machines, provides unparalleled power and torque. Step Stitch will give you the stitch by stitch speed control you need.

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