Twin needle post bed sewing machine for thick thread decorative stitching leather sofas

Hightex 204-370-DP Twin needle post bed sewing machine with 2 large Barrel shuttle hook for ultra thick thread decorative stitching (topstitching) on leather sofas, armchair, couch lounge, chair, car seat covers, upholstered furniture, shoes, automotive upholstery, marine upholstery, aerospace upholstery, leather bags and other high-end leather goods.


1)     The Adler 204 type extra large barrel shuttle has been specially designed for processing the extreme thread and material thickness of heavyweight materials. Max. metric thread size 7, V415, T-400, 1300dx3 or Amann Serabraid Thread 1400 T60 braided thread can be use without any difficulty;  

2)     The post bed design gives you greater access and control when sewing decorative (top stitching) & functional stitching on shaped or 3d items, which would normally be difficult or impossible to sew on a standard flat bed machine;

3)     Its heavy duty combined triple feeding action by way of: bottom feed, needle feed and walking foot top feed, guarantees effective handling of medium to heavy weight materials, leather and fabrics etc;

4)     High needle penetration power guarantee easy sewing thick spots or cross seams(over transversal seams), without skipped stitch, loose bottom thread, shorten stitch length, bobbin thread Knots and Tangles;

5)     The sewing foot stroke up to 10 mm allows the safe climbing over differently high material plies;

6)     Pneumatic climbing device for excellent stitch formation when sewing over thick spots or overlapping seams;

7)     Up to 14 mm long stitches for decorative topstitching seams;

8)     Thread puller is available for even thread tension.

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