Hightex CB4500 robotic sewing machine

Wood sew with a converted me Hightex CB 4500 heavy duty sewing machine with a robot.
This video provided by University of Stuttgart,

Thanks for:
1.  University of Stuttgart
2.  Frank Brunnet GmbH (the authorized dealer of Hightex sewing machine in Germany)

The Hightex CB4500 (CowBoy CB4500) is an excellent machine adaptable to a wide range of sewing projects.

This video represents a special sewing project in collaboration with a major university to produce a robotic driven assisting device to hold and manipulate material for sewing on our CB4500.

The material used was a mixture of pressure steamed and bent plywood combined with leather and nylon fabrics. These special sections were sewn for constructing an architectural pavillion.

Here a nice video of our project with the University of Stuttgart.