Manual leather embossing machine with custom roller

8700 Manual leather embossing machine with custom roller8700PRO Motor driven leather belt/strap embossing machine

The Cowboy leather embosser is an invaluable tool for use in any leatherworkers shop.

Using commonly available dies made widely available in the leather industry, almost any belt or strap can be embossed using this handy bench tool.

The machine has an option for a heated embossing roll which will allow for clearer and crisper patterns to be embossed in many different types of leather. An option for a motor drive unit can also be incorporated into the machine allowing ample production capacity for larger shops.

Handy edge guides allow for easy feeding of the strap into the machine.

A hand crank option is available for smaller shops or situations where power is not available.

Optional creasing rolls can be used on the machine allowing the user to do creased belts and straps as well.

The machine features a pressure adjustment function in which the user can adjust the depth of the embossed pattern as well.

Add the Cowboy leather embossing machine to your shop and discover the Cowboy Advantage today!!!!