How to maintain your automatic rope sewing machine (bar-tacking)

How to maintain your automatic rope sewing machine (bar-tacking)

This instruction will help you clean, lubricate and maintain below Hightex automatic bar tacking machines and pattern sewing machines:

1008R Heavy duty automatic rope sewing machine 
71008RX Extra powerful rope end bar-tacking machine
71008S Heavy duty automatic pattern sewing machine for synthetic slings, straps and harnesses
72008HS Ultra powerful machine for reinforced stitching extremely stiff synthetic slings 
72008CS Automatic shape tacking machine for the production of shoes sole
72008R Heavy duty bar tacking sewing machine to make sewn eye termination on ropes and cordage
75008 Heavy duty large size programmable electronically controlled pattern sewing machine for extremely thick materials


To keep your automatic rope sewing machine in good running condition, be sure to keep your machine properly oiled. We recommend that you oil your heavy duty bar tacking machine every time you use.

Daily lubrication

1. All lubrication points marked on the two following pictures must be given a few drops of oil daily, on top of machine and back side of machine. 

2. Move the clamp (sewing frame) to left side, by hand, you will see the hole on steel plate, it must be given a few drops of oil daily without fail.

Weekly lubrication

1. Lubrication points marked in below left picture, through 3 grooves on the front cover (see blow right picture). 

2. Check the oil level in the oil reservoir of the oil mister

The run of the barrel shuttle is lubricated and cooled by compressed air enhanced with oil from the oil mister.
– The oil level in the oil reservoir 5 may not fall below the groove marking.
– If necessary top up the oil to the groove marking.
– For this shut off the compressed air completely by turning the knob 1 to the left.
– For topping up pull out the oil filler lock 4.
– After topping up set the operating pressure at 6 bar by pulling up the knob 1 and turning to the right.
The set operating pressure can be seen on the pressure gauge 2.

Check the feed quantity of the oil mister weekly

– Under operating pressure a drop of oil should drip out of the pipe under the viewing glass 5 after every 2 to 3 work cycles.
– Regulate the strength of the thus created oil mist at the setting screw 3.


A clean machine is a trouble-free machine! Please clearn your heavy sewing equipment every time you use!!

Daily cleaning– Particularly the areas around the Shuttle hook system 1, clamp (sewing frame) 2, needle thread tensions 3, and thread controller spring 2 are to be cleaned of sewing dust and lint accumulations (e.g. with a compressed air gun). 

Weekly cleaning – Check the water level in the pressure regulator. 

The water level should not be allowed to rise to the filter insert 2.
After screwing in the drain screw 4 blow the water out of the water separator 3 under pressure.
Dirt and condensation water are eliminated through the filter insert 2. 
Wash out the dirty filter bowl and filter insert with naphtha after a certain period of operation and blow clean with compressed air.

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