Cheap leather sewing machine

 Cheap leather sewing machine

The Cowboy CB-105 machine represents an excellent value for the leather worker on a budget.

This machine has a reliable drop feed mechanism which enables the user to sew heavy weight materials with ease.

Featuring the same hook and bobbin as many other machines such as the Tippmann Boss, Singer 45K, and Adler 105, this machine is sure to perform excellent on a multitude of heavy materials projects.

The CB-105 machine from Cowboy also features an industry exclusive adjustable reverse mechanism which enables the machine to sew perfect and evenly spaced stitches in both forward and reverse. No other machine in this class has the ability to adjust the reverse for evenly spaced stitches in leather, a major concern for leather workers worldwide.

The machine is an excellent choice for nylon webbing, heavy leather where the appearance of the backside of the leather is not a major concern, and various coated and laminated products.

The design of this machine goes back many years, demonstrating that this machine is a tried and true performer.

Easy operation, simple design, low parts cost, and ease of maintenance and repair make the CB-105 an excellent choice for the leatherworker that needs an affordable machine at a low cost.

Try the CB-105 machine for yourself and discover the Cowboy Advantage today!!!!

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