New automatic thick rope bartack sewing machine

New automatic thick rope bartack sewing machine

The 7273 PLK is a computerized automatic pattern sewing machine capable of sewing material thicknesses from 6mm to 20mm thick. One of the heavier machines in the Hightex automated sewing lineup, the 7273 PLK is a great machine for sewing both rope and nylon webbing.

The 7273 PLK machine is most often used in the rope sewing industry, arborist industry, rock and sport climbing industry, safety gear industries, and also in the lifting sling and tiedown industries.

Featuring a work area of about 200 mm by 100 mm the machine can handle most rope sewing and nylon sewing projects with ease.

Computerized automatic sewing machines represent an ideal solution for factories seeking to reduce labor costs and increase profitability. The ability to sew the same pattern over and and over again with a high degree of precision and accuracy with machines of this type make them an ideal choice for those seeking to produce repeatable and reproducible results time after time.

The machine can store close to 300 sewing patterns in its on board memory. Users can design, edit, and save sewing patterns using the easy to use color lcd screen and interactive touch screen keyboard. The software for the machine is quite easy to use and can be learned by inexperienced users very quickly.

Several automated sewing machines can be run by a single operator reducing labor costs and increasing profits while providing pinpoint precision and accuracy.

Hightex Sewing Machines is a leader in customizable sewing solutions for all phases of the sewn products industry.

Try the Hightex 7273 PLK computerized programmable sewing machine for your next automated sewing project and experience the Hightex Advantage today!!!!

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