Hand crank leather splitting machine

Hand crank leather splitting machine

The Cowboy 8116 series hand crank machine is the utimate bench mounted splitting solution for doing level splits on very heavy and thick leathers.

The gear driven bottom feeder and long crank handle affords the user the highest degree of mechanical advantage when splitting thick and tough leather hides, belts, and soles of shoes. The machine can split leather, rubber, crepe, and other natural and man made leather products with ease.

The leathercraft tool features a fully adjustable thickness gauge allowing the user to efficiently control the depth of the split on each and every piece. This affords a high degree of precision when splitting mutiple pieces.

Each blade is hand sharpened and hollow ground by our expert craftsmen to insure trouble free and easy operstion. Each machine comes with a razor sharp blade out of the box!!!!

Cowboy 8116 machines are covered by our limited lifetime warranty to offer our customers piece of mind before, during, and after the sale.

Cowboy offers blade resharpening services for a very reasonable price allowing buyers to keep their machines running at peak operational efficiency.

Try the new Cowboy 8116 series hand crank leather splitter and discover the Cowboy Advantage today!!!!

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