Heavy duty industrial sewing machines in Indonesia

Heavy duty industrial sewing machines in Indonesia

As leading manufacturer of heavy duty industrial sewing machines in China, we are looking for professional industrial sewing machine dealer in Indonesia, to distribute our leather sewing machine (for saddlery and leather crafts), heavy duty automatic pattern sewing machine (for slings, harness and ropes), upholstery sewing machine (for thick thread decorative stitching or ornamental seams on leather sofas), as well leather crafting tools.

Before finding Indonesia industrial sewing machine dealer, we have sold these heavy duty industrial sewing machines to manufacturers directly in Indonesia.

204-370 Heavy duty lashing strap and webbing slings sewing machine:

Extra heavy duty triple transportation (walking foot and compound feed) lock stitch sewing machine with large Barrel shuttle hook, ideal for stitching 2-5 ply Nylon or Polyester slings in the production of heavy duty lifting slings, cargo lashing straps, safety harness and other synthetic webbing products. Same to Durkopp Adler 204-370.

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This webbing sewing machine ordered by a manufacturer of ratchet lashing and rigging belts in Jakarta, Indonesia.

9518-30 Long arm zigzag sail sewing machine for spinnakers and windsurf sail:

Designed for light to medium weight spinnakers, windsurf sail and up to heavy sails, using thread sizes V46, V69 and V92 and capable of stitching materials up to 7 mm. With 4 cams for straight stitch, 1-step, 2-step and 3-step zigzag, cover all demands of modern sail making industry.

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This spinnakers sewing machine purchased by a windsurfing sails and kites maker in Bali, Indonesia.

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