How to change rope sewing clamp and flat webbing clamp

How to change rope sewing clamp and flat webbing clamp

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Some of users of HIGHTEX 71008 Heavy duty rope end bar taking sewing machine want to sew flat webbing straps on same machine. Below it the step of changing sewing frame (clamp), convert the rope bar tacking machine to pattern sewing machine.

Remove 4 screws at left and right the cover.

Take off the cover

Take off 4 air tubes connect to control box and clamp (sewing frame)

You can see clearly the control box after taking off the air tube

Remove the 4 screws, you can take off clamp (sewing frame) 

Note: 2 of these 4 screws are longer

Put the new clamp (sewing frame)

Note: put 2 longer screws at right side (with red arrow), and 2 shorter screws at left side)
Very important!!!
Before tighten the 4 screws, make sure the new clamp is vertical to slide track.
How to check? Move the clamp right and left, the space between needle and the aluminium bar must be equal.

Insert 4 air tubes from the new clamp (sewing frame)

Please note the number on air tube and control box, must match up!!

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