How to transfer sewing patterns to heavy programmable pattern tacking machine

How to transfer sewing patterns to Hightex 71008 series heavy programmable pattern tacking machines

The sewing patterns can be transferred via USB adapter very easily, this instruction covered Hightex 71008, 71008R, 71008S, 72008, 75008 and 76008.

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1.See the sewing pattern #77 in computer

2. Copy this pattern to USB disk
Note: pattern must be in root directly, NOT any sub-folder

3. Turn on the machine, you can see above screen

4. Insert the SUB disk

5. Press the key of READ OUT

6. You can see above option

7. Press #1 key (from U Disk to Sys), the pattern has been download to your sewing machine


9. You will see above message

Press #4, exit transferring

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