Cowboy 8020 economical leather splitting machine

The Cowboy Model CB 8020 is among one of the largest stationary blade splitters ever built for use in leather shops and by leather hobbyists.

The machine features fully adjustable split thickness levels, adjustable bottom roller tension, and a very easy to remove splitting blade.

The CB 8020 is rated to to split approximately 15-16 inch wide pieces of leather in any length. The machine excels at splitting thick leather and works down to leather that is around 6-7 ounces thick before splitting.

The micrometric thickness adjuster allows the machine to split as thin as about 1 ounce off at a time up to 12 ounces in a single pass.

Each CB 8020 is hand sharpened, adjusted, and pre lubricated prior to shipment. The blades are polished and sharpened using a centuries old "hollow grinding" technique that insures the blades will be razor sharp right out of the box.

Each 8020 machine comes complete with all items needed to run the unit, including tools, table, stand, special DC servo motor, and gear reducer drive unit.

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  1. hello,i need information with cowboy 8020 machine,price and weight,tank

  2. hello,i need information with cowboy 8020 machine,price and weight,please

  3. Hola quisiera comprar una máquina de estas, necesito información de su precio y lugar donde comprarla.muchas gracias

  4. Hi.. Can get this deliver in india?