Rappelling Rope Sewing Machine

Hightex Sewing Machines provides customized automated sewing solutions for a wide variety of sewn projects. Our emphasis is on customization of automatic sewing solutions to suit the needs of the particular sewing application at hand for each customer. Hightex sewing machines offers advanced pneumatic system upgrades not present on other machines offered in the market. Utilizing pneumatic systems by SMC and Festo, Hightex sewing machines afford the very best in quality, smoothness in operation, durability, with greatly reduced operational noise.

In addition to pneumatic system upgrades, Hightex also offers the very best in electronic control systems for its customers. Our proprietary electronic control systems insure smooth operation with less noise and overall increased sewing efficiency.

Hightex offers the very best in sewing clamp systems, with many years of advanced design experience behind us insuring the very best in operational efficiency for our clients. With clamps allowing easy loading and unloading of the sewn product, and also easy change out from one clamping system to the next, the efficiency of Hightex automated sewing systems is unparalleled in the market.

Hightex Sewing machines are an ideal choice for sewing the following items:

D-Ring Extenders

Individual Shock Packs

Lanyards for every situation in Webbing, Ultra-Stretch Tubular Webbing, Y-Lanyards,

Nylon Rope Lanyards, and Galvanized Cable Lanyards (Also with 3,600 lb. gates)

Snap Hooks and Carabiners and Rollgate Hooks (Again, offered with 3,600 lb. gates)

Rope Grabs & Roofer Kits

Rebar Assemblies

Anchorages for all situations including Beam Anchors

Retractable Lanyards from 8 feet to 210 feet (Repairable) in Webbing and Cable

Tripod Retrieval Systems

Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Safe Edge Portable Roof Tie-Off Trailer

Rescue System for Suspended Fall Victims

Wire Rope with Rope Grab Ladder Safety System

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