Heavy duty long arm walking foot canvas sewing machine

The 72600 L-25 is an ideal machine for use in bulk bag production, canvas bag production, the sewing of canvas tents, and other large projects that require a long arm sewing machine for sewing fabrics and other materials.

The machine features a large hook and extra capacity bobbin sane to those found in Mitsubishi machines and the Singer 132.

The machine can handle up to a size 346 thread with ease.

One of the hallmark features of the 72600 is that it features a "free sewing" capability that allows the operator to sew in any direction free of the control of the walking foot. By simply lifting up the presser foot lifter on the machine one can free stitch with machine, allowing one to sew circles, squares, and scalloped patterns with ease.

The 72600 can be set up with pneumatic presser foot lifter and pneumatic reverse to allow for increased productivity and more efficient operation.

Try the Cowboy CB72600 L-25 long arm walking foot machine in your canvas or bulk bag shop and discover the "Cowboy Advantage" today!!!!
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