Cowboy CB341 medium weight walking foot cylinder arm sewing machine

The Cowboy CB341 is an ideal machine for lightweight and medium weight fabric and leather sewing projects. Featuring a compound feed walking foot design with needle feed, walking foot, and feed dogs, the CB341 offers perfectly spaced stitches in both forward and reverse.

The CB341 features a larger bobbin than most cylinder bed machines in its class. The large bobbin allows for fewer bobbin changes and thicker thread use. The 341 features a drop in style bobbin allowing for easier bobbin changes.

The CB341 can handle thread from size 46 to 138, and in certain conditions, up to a size 207 thread.

The build quality and efficiency in operation of the 341 is very refined, which translates into and excellent running machine with incredible durability and efficient operation.

The CB341 is an ideal machine for wallets, chaps, chinks, belts, billfolds, purses, handbags, automotive upholstery, marine vinyl and canvas, and other lightweight and medium weight projects.

The CB341 features a 10.5 inch arm and can comfortable sew from 1/16" to 3/8" inch thick day to day. It offers a 1/2" presser foot lift enabling the operator to fit thick materials under the arm with ease.

The CB341 lightweight and medium weight sewing machine is an excellent choice for many leather and fabric projects requiring a lighter thread. Try the Cowboy CB341 and discover the Cowboy Advantage today!!!!

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