71008S Automatic textile slings sewing machine and fiber ropes sewing machine

71008S Automatic textile slings sewing machine and fiber ropes sewing machine

#71008S is an extra heavy duty C.N.C pattern sewing and bar tacking machine with large barrel shuttle hook, for stitching extra thick materials with very thick sewing thread, especially for making reinforcement stitch on polyester web slings or strap, Nylon synthetic slings, Round slings and Synthetic Fiber Rope. 

One person can actually operate 2 or 3 machines at same time!!! Free programmable and very easy to use. 

This C.N.C. sewing machine ensures continuity whilst eliminating human error, can be used to stitch many heavy duty applications such as Nylon and polyester Lifting Slings, high strength synthetic fiber rope, Cargo Lashings Strap, Safety Harnesses, Rigging ropes, lift vest, safety products, Pipe Slings, loading container belts, Heavy Lifting Equipment, Industrial Work Boot applications and Heavy Duty Equestrian Harnesses. 

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72600 Extra heavy duty universal lockstitch sewing machine for making Big Bag (FIBCs)

#72600 Extra heavy duty universal lockstitch sewing machine for making Big Bag (FIBCs) 

#72600 is a long arm, single needle, high speed, extra heavy duty, top and bottom feed lockstitch sewing machine with extra large capacity hook and bobbin for heavy weight materials & thick sewing thread. 

This machine is designed for universal use in the manufacturing of heavy duty Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC), Big Bag, bulk bags, sling bags, baffle bag, bulk liner, net bags, jute bags and Jumbo Bags made of thick woven polyethylene, polypropylene, geotextile, PE tarpaulin, three-dimensional (3D) spacer fabric and other very heavy & hard bag fabrics. 

 The advantages of 72600: 
1. The presser foot has an extra high lift and can go up to 18mm, allowing for a large range of extra heavy weight bulk bag's fabrics; 
 2. The horizontal axis rotary hook with extra large capacity bobbin is ideal for handling thick sewing thread #0-#5 (#5/V207 standard); 
 3. The synchronized walking foot and drop feeding mechanism ensures positive feeding of material without slippage & providing smooth sewing of even the heaviest & most bulky materials; 
 4. Standard equipped with automatic foot lift and automatic back tacking (reverse stitch) for high productivity. This pneumatic system works with clutch motor for great saving cost. 
 5. Low noise, low vibration and long working life due to the precision bearings & transmission systems; 
 6. Can stitch in any direction (360°) due to the FREE SEWING DESGIN, you can move the material freely and quickly, especially when perform reinforcement stitch for sewing and attaching lifting loops (container belts) 
 7. The feeding mechanism can be taken off, use as Bag Mending Machine (is equivalent Newlong DD-5, Seiko SK-8, Singer 133K-18), allows sewing work in any direction as required for darning; 
 8. Very easy to use and maintain; 
 9. The large clearance room under arm (400mm*180mm) is very useful when sewing bulky materials; A stitch length of up-to 12.7 mm is possible (which in sewing machine terms, is big) and the machine has a reverse stitch lever as standard. 

 Typical usages of 72600: 
1. Making side seams on heavy weight fabrics with thick thread, and all other LOCKSTITCH seams on body of container bags; 
2. Assembling layers of PP webbings together for making lifting loops (container belts) of Big Bag, with various reinforced seams, such as X-Box; 
3. Sewing and attaching side seam loops or cross corner loops (container belts) by reinforced stitching; 
4. Inserting top covers and attaching filler cord and discharging tubes with cords from the too and/or from below for sealing the left needle punctures; 
5. 3-D spacer fabric construction: stitch layers of spacer fabrics together with thickness up to 18mm; 
6. Use as FIBC bag repair machine for patch and mend jute sacks, Polypropylene (PP) Big Bags, Container Bags, tents and awnings;
7. For sewing items such as harnesses, sails, luggage, buffing wheel, nets, tents, sheets, carpets, lifting slings and cargo lashing strap, safety belts etc. 

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