Double needle ornamental stitch machine for furniture

Hightex 7700P Programmable ornamental stitching machine with 2 needles for decorative seams in leather sofas, armchairs and car seat cover


Every time when you turn on the machine, select new sewing pattern or change other parameter in the interface, you have to press the key with red arrow, before next process, otherwise, machine might be damaged!


Features: Programmable ornamental stitching machine with 2 needles, which can carry out functional and ornamental stitching on sofas & armchairs and other upholstered furniture, shoewear, suitcases, car seat covers, leather bags as well as on heavy fabrics, such as jeans, tents and sofas. This machine is free programmable and is delivered standard with 200 patterns (100 patterns single needle and 100 patterns double needle).