Rope Stitcher for sewn terminations on friction cords and lanyard ropes

HIGHTEX 7273CNC/R Rope Stitcher for sewn terminations on friction cords and lanyard ropes, can sew 2 ropes together with each of 20mm. Ideal for the manufacturing of climbing ropes for arborist and rock climber.

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Automated box border sewing machine (chain stitch)

Heavy duty chain stitch box border sewing machine (Integrated Tape Edge Sewing Unit) with puller feed.
Faux Tape Edge Sewing Unit consists of a high speed chain stitch sewing machine head with synchronized puller for pucker free sewing. Sews with or without binding tape; faux seams pass flammability test.

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Programmable BOX X Pattern Sewing Machine for heavy saddle leather

Programmable BOX X Pattern Sewing Machine for heavy saddle leather: HIGHTEX 7273CNC, heayv duty pattern tacking machine for sewing thick saddle leather, with thick thread.

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81500 overedging sewing machine for attaching thick ropes to net borders

HIGHTEX 81500 is single needle three thread overedging sewing machine perfect for attaching ropes to net borders. It can sew up to 23 mm thick ropes (diameter).

This machine can replace Union Special 81500CZ3374A and Union Special 81500CZ3374B.
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Heavy Duty High Speed CNC Sewing Machine for lashing straps

HIGHTEX 72600KSL-6V is an extra heavy duty high speed CNC sewing machine for Narrow Fabrics Industry, such lifting slings, military and tactical gear, Ratchet Tie Down (cargo lashing straps), safety harness webbing and seat belts.

The Integrated Sewing Automation is a revolutionary technology for narrow fabrics and webbing manufacturers. This sewing technology is the trend of the future in extra heavy weight sewing applications, due to its high speed and integrated system (one person can manage 3 sewing stations)!!!

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