7273PLK Heavy duty electronically controlled small area pattern sewing machine

7273PLK Heavy duty electronically controlled small area pattern sewing machine with its BARREL type shuttle hook is most suitable for slings, belts, harnesses and ropes

This compact type heavy duty electronically controlled pattern sewing machine with large Barrel shuttle hook is most suitable for small area reinforcement stitches on harness (of fall protection, parachutes and backpack etc), slings, belts, straps, ropes and cords with extra thick thread.

7273PLK is the second generation of extra heavy duty automatic pattern sewing machine and bar tacking machine–highly specialized electronic control systems, robust construction and sophisticated device for perfect seam quality & maximum productivity. This automated sewing equipment is designed for slings, ropes and harness manufacturers serving high-end industrial markets such as safety & protection, fire and rescue, cargo lifting and lashing, marine, automotive, aviation and military.

The advantages: Long sewing cycles by barrel shuttle with large bobbin capacity, even sewing with extremely thick thread; The specialized sewing automation improves quality, lowers production time and reduces operator involvement. In many cases it is possible to run two or three automated sewing units with only one person, great for saving labor cost; Can easily sew 2-4 ply synthetic webbing slings (3.5mm of each) together or stitch 2 ropes with each of 20 mm (diameter); Excellent stitch pattern and constantly tight stitches; Closed-Loop Control Type; High clamp lift and large needle penetration power allow the processing of extremely thick materials, such as Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Webbing, Kevlar, Vinyl, Leather and Canvas; The oil pump automatic oil supply system can reduce the abraison on the spare parts so improve service life; These automatic industrial sewing machines are completely assembled and delivered by strong plywood case (Ready To Sew).

Optional devices: Heat automatic thread trimmer (burner); Needle cooler; Manual clamp; Upper thread breakage detector; Pneumatic additional thread tension

Applications: pattern tacking synthetic lifting slings, cargo lashing straps (Ratchet Tie Down), seat belts, safety harness, military equipment, backpacks, crane slings, lanyards, spanzet, nets, safety belts, upholstered furniture, leather goods, sofas, life vest, fall protection equipment, industrial safety products, rigging products, saddles, tents and canopies, sails and parachutes. 
Bartacking ropes and cordage for Arborist climbing ropes, Climbing & Caving Ropes, Boating & Marine Ropes and Rescue Ropes.

7273PLK/S Extra heavy duty programmable pattern sewer for safety belts and harnesses 

7273PLK/R Automatic rope bartacking machine to make sewn eye termination (with or without rope thimble) 

7273PLK/X Heavy duty automatic pattern sewing machine for stitching thick and hard leather 

Stitch Type
Hook Type
Oscillating Barrel shuttle
Max. QTY of Patterns
520 patterns
X/Y Drive
Timing Belt
Sewing Area
210mm x100mm
Schmetz 794 (DYx3) #26
Thread Trimming Method
Upper and Lower burner
#7, V415, T-400, 1300dx3
Max. Sewing Speed
700 rpm
NeedleBar Stroke
Sewing Speed Selection
200~700 rpm
Work Holder Lift
Feeding System
Presser Foot Lift
Stitch Length
Needle cooler
Cold air (optional)
Pattern Storage
Internal Memory
Pattern Input
Touch Screen
Max. Number of Stitches
20000 per pattern
Drive Motor
Limi-Servo (750 Watts)
Control system
Closed-Loop Control
Plywood case
Air pressure
0.6 MPa
Total Weight
268KGS (Gross)
*The max. sewing speed is 300 rpm when use as bar tacking machine for ropes (7273PLK/R)

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Automated sewing machine for stitching shoes soles

7273CNC-S2S: Heavy duty automated shoes soles stitching machine, designed for the sewing production of shoes sole made in layers of clothes, cottons, leather, rubber, and other fabrics. The closed-loop control system ensures consistent production output quality from different thickness of soles. Tailor-made clamp guarantees precise stitch formation. One worker operates 3-4 sewing units.

Automated sewing machine for stitching shoes sole

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Rope Stitcher for sewn terminations on friction cords and lanyard ropes

HIGHTEX 7273CNC/R Rope Stitcher for sewn terminations on friction cords and lanyard ropes, can sew 2 ropes together with each of 20mm. Ideal for the manufacturing of climbing ropes for arborist and rock climber.

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Automated box border sewing machine (chain stitch)

Heavy duty chain stitch box border sewing machine (Integrated Tape Edge Sewing Unit) with puller feed.
Faux Tape Edge Sewing Unit consists of a high speed chain stitch sewing machine head with synchronized puller for pucker free sewing. Sews with or without binding tape; faux seams pass flammability test.

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Programmable BOX X Pattern Sewing Machine for heavy saddle leather

Programmable BOX X Pattern Sewing Machine for heavy saddle leather: HIGHTEX 7273CNC, heayv duty pattern tacking machine for sewing thick saddle leather, with thick thread.

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81500 overedging sewing machine for attaching thick ropes to net borders

HIGHTEX 81500 is single needle three thread overedging sewing machine perfect for attaching ropes to net borders. It can sew up to 23 mm thick ropes (diameter).

This machine can replace Union Special 81500CZ3374A and Union Special 81500CZ3374B.
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Heavy Duty High Speed CNC Sewing Machine for lashing straps

HIGHTEX 72600KSL-6V is an extra heavy duty high speed CNC sewing machine for Narrow Fabrics Industry, such lifting slings, military and tactical gear, Ratchet Tie Down (cargo lashing straps), safety harness webbing and seat belts.

The Integrated Sewing Automation is a revolutionary technology for narrow fabrics and webbing manufacturers. This sewing technology is the trend of the future in extra heavy weight sewing applications, due to its high speed and integrated system (one person can manage 3 sewing stations)!!!

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7273BV Lowest cost heavy duty sewing machine for extra thick lifting slings and lifting straps

7273BV Lowest cost heavy duty sewing machine for extra thick lifting slings and lifting straps

HIGHTEX #7273BV Single needle, Long arm, Extra heavy duty, Drop feed and walking foot, Lockstitch machines with large Barrel shuttle hook

1. One of the most heavy duty industrial sewing machines in today market!

2. The lowest cost machine in range of extra heavy weight sewing machines!

3. The most "User Friendly" sewing machine for manufacturers of synthetic slings, straps, belts, harnesses and webbing!

7273BV is designed for assembling 4-ply, 5-ply, 6-ply, 7-ply and 8-ply Nylon or Polyester slings in the manufacturing of lifting slings, lifting straps, cargo lashing straps (ratchet tie down straps), rigging belts, Tactical Belts, Military Web Belts, safety harness and heavy duty equestrian harnesses.

The advantages:

The presser foot has an ultra high lift of up to 32mm, allowing for a large range of extra heavy weight material or bulky items to be used, such as Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Webbing, Kevlar, Vinyl, Leather and Canvas;

The unbeatable price is affordable by any factory owner and one-man workshop. The unbelievable cheap price can cut your budget to 1/3 even more;

The walking foot action is driven and combines with the powerful bottom feed to produce a positive feeding motion for extra heavy use;

Two row feeder (model 7273ECO: feed dog with double row of teeth, for better feeding) is available as option if the thickness of your material less on inches;

The special extra large shuttle hook and bobbin capacity reduces the number of bobbin changes and offer high efficiency in sewing products using extra thick thread up to metric size 8*  (including sizes 30, 25, 20, 12, 10, 8  &  V92, V138, V207, V277, V346*);

⑥ The Long-Beak Oscillating Shuttle guarantees perfect timing, eliminate skipped stitch and damage thread;

It is an ideal replacement of Consew 733R-5, Seiko SLH-2B, Adler 120 and Singer 733 class.

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7273BV Heavy duty slings sewing machine

6-ply slings construction


Adler 266 type Extra heavy duty straight stitch and Zig-Zag sewing machine

9266 Extra heavy duty, straight stitch and Zig-Zag sewing machine, with large front-loading Barrel shuttle hook and bobbin capacity, for heavy & extra heavy weight materials and thick sewing thread

The heaviest industrial zigzag sewing machine in today market!

HIGHTEX 9266 is an extra heavy duty zigzag sewing machine with large barrel shuttle hook for welt seams, zigzag, straight and coarse stitching operations, decorative seams on medium to heavy materials used in the manufacturing of boat sails, parachutes, carpets, sofas and furniture, marine upholstery, quilts, tarpaulin, covers, tents, trampolines, leather and footwear industries.

A high foot lift clearance of up to 20mm allows for heavy & bulky material to be sewn. The foot lifter mechanism is pneumatically assisted and lifts automatically.

The extra large shuttle hook and bobbin capacity reduces the number of bobbin changes and offer high efficiency in sewing products using extra thick thread up to size V207 (including sizes V69, V92,V138 etc).

The position of the needle is controlled by an electronic needle position servomotor & controller. This will automatically put the needle in an UP or DOWN position at the end of a sewing cycle: reducing the need to use the manual hand wheel. The electronics also control the automatic foot lifting & reverse devices.

Extra heavy duty Zigzag sewing      Large 204 style shuttle hook
Up-to 12mm large Zigzag width      Up-to 10mm stitch length
Thread size V69-V207              Needle sizes 120 -230

Typical Industrial Sewing Applications:

Sails making and repairing: for sewing heavy sails, thick corners patches and heavy webbing reinforcement;
Parachutes manufacturing: specialize in sewing heavier thread used in the manufacture and repair of parachute harnesses. Adjusting the stitch regulator allows the rigger to do an acceptable job sewing bar tacks;
Carpets production: joining carpets by the zigzag stitch and binding carpet edges;
Shoes making: for welt seams, zigzag, straight and coarse stitching operations in productions of shoes and footwear;
Furniture upholstering: thick thread decorative seams on upholstery leather and soft furnishing fabrics.

Optional Devices:
Electronic needle position motor
Built-in Puller feed device
Auto pneumatic foot lifter device
Auto pneumatic reverse / back tack device
Hook lubrication and cooling system
Needle cooler (avoid needle breakage & thread burn)
Speed reducer (for extra torque & needle penetration)

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9204ZZ Heavy duty walking foot straight stitch and zig-zag sewing machine

HIGHTEX #9204ZZ Heavy duty walking foot straight stitch and zigzag sewing machine with super large Zig-Zag width and extra large Barrel shuttle hook for heavy weight materials & thick sewing threads.

The Zig-Zag Width is bigger than any other industrial zigzag sewing machine built today! 

It features a top feed walking foot and bottom feed system that is suitable to sew medium & heavy weight materials such as leather, synthetics, canvas, plastics, webbing, upholstery, tarpaulin + heavier than normal standard fabrics.

The largest Zigzag width of up to 16mm is very useful when wide zigzag is required, especially when joining carpets and rugs by zigzag stitch, binding carpet edges and attaching ropes to nets.

The special extra large shuttle hook and bobbin capacity reduces the number of bobbin changes and offer high efficiency in sewing products using extra thick thread up to metric size 8*  (including sizes 30, 25, 20, 12, 10, 8  &  V92, V138, V207, V242, V277, V346, V415, V462 or 1500Dx3) 

The presser foot has an extra high lift and can go up to 15mm, allowing for a large range of extra heavy weight material or bulky items to be used.  For example carpets, rugs, blankets,  fishing nets, cargo nets, safety nets, sails, tents, parachutes, automobile upholstery, upholstered furniture, luggage, rope, .  

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221-273 Double needle extra heavy duty walking foot sewing machine

HIGHTEX 221-273 is a double needle extra heavy duty compound walking foot (Triple Feed) sewing machine with extra large rotating hook (refer to

This machine is specially constructed for heavy-duty stitching operations and assembly seams in heavy weight materials, such as such as canvas, vinyl, leather, synthetics, and various coated, laminated and rubberized fabric.

The 221-273 features triple feed mechanismbottom feed, needle feed and walking foot top feed (compound feed), large vertically hook, and 20mm clearance under feet, can easily sew layers of slippery materials with thread up to Nm 10/3 with stitch lengths of 10 mm. The triple feeding system can definitely guarantee even and uniform stitches on your projects, like upholstered furniture, tents, parachutes, sails, tarpaulins, awnings, pool covers and awnings. 

The sewing machine arm has been extended to give approximately 500 mm so you can have more space to move very large or thick materials, such as large upholstery panels, car trimmings, boat carpets and other inflatable upholstery products.

This machine can be used as single needle machine if you take one needle off. 

This machine standard equipped with:
Automatic presser foot lift
Automatic back tacking (reverse stitch)
Automatic needle UP/DOWN position

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Ornamental stitching machine for sewing soft furnishing fabrics with thick thread

Ornamental stitching machine for sewing soft furnishing fabrics with thick thread 

HIGHTEX #7204MD-F ( is a heavy duty, double needle, puller feed, ornamental stitch sewing machine for decorative seams on soft furnishing fabrics and other soft upholstery materials. Ideal for high-end manufacturers of fabric sofas, furniture, automotive upholstery/car interiors, shoes uppers, jeans and fashion bags. 

1.4mm thick decorative thread can be used without any difficulty.

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Computerized sewing machine for sewn rope terminations

Computerized sewing machine for sewn rope terminations 

71008R is a extra heavy duty computerized sewing machines that optimize bar tacking to be consistent and of high strength and quality. Sewn bar tacks on rope and cord are stronger than knots because rope-on-rope friction and bending of the fibers are eliminated. This machine is widely used in manufacturing of ropes and cords for outdoor/recreation, safety & rescue and Arborist etc. 

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Rope stitching machine