How to install 9518-30 zigzag sail sewing machine for spinnakers

Hightex 9518-30/-518-30-17 is meight weight long arm zigzag sail making machine for spinnakers and windsurf sails, standard with rear puller feed and 4 cams for straight stitch, 1-step (2-points), 2-step (3-points), 3-step (4-points) zigzag.

This sail making machine usually packed into 3 packages:
1 ×plywood: sewing machine head with built-in puller and accsorries box
1×carton: stand & table
1×Servo-motor (engine)

Below below pictures show you how to install the machine. If you do not want install it personally, the machines can be completely assembled in house (Ready- to-Sew) and delivery by plarge ply-wood case.

Hightex Team

9518-30 zigzag sail sewing machine for spinnakers

Front view (completely)

Front view (bottom half)

Back view (top half)

Back view (bottom half)

Servo control box at right side of machine

DC servo-motor undertable

Positioner for automatic needle UP/DOWN position

Sewing speed controller

Power plug (200-240V, 50-60Hz, Single phase electric system)

6mm air tube (connect to air compressor)

Oil pan under table

Pedal linking rod


Built-in bobbin winder

Threading 1

Threading 2

Threading 3

Pneumatic rear puller feed

Reverse stitch and stitch length switch

Solenoid and air filter

Solenoid for foot lift, reverse stitch and puller lift

Back view of servo-motor

Cams for straight stitch, 1-step, 2-step, 3-step zigzag

Back few of puller

Servo control box output (see below diagram)

Servo control box wiring diagram

Below pictures are for completely assembly (Ready- to-Sew) :

Soft packing 1

Soft packing 2
Safe package by Plywood case

long arm zigzag sewing machine for spinnakers and windsurfing sails


733 Super heavy duty lifting slings sewing machine

733 Super heavy duty lifting slings sewing machine

HIGHTEX #733CS extra high lift walking sewing machine with reverse stitch and alternating presser foot for the productions of synthetic slings, straps, harness, webbing and other difficult to sew materials. 

Features in two row feeder, walking foot and extra large long-beak oscilating shuttle hook. It can be used to stitch many heavy duty applications such as cargo lifting and lashings, safety harnesses, particularly for the Automotive, Aviation and Military Industries. 

This 7 class extra heavy duty walking foot industrial sewing machine is interchangeable with Consew 733R-5, Seiko SLH-2B and Global WF 920 XLH

Watch video at youtube

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Extra large long-beak oscilating shuttle hook

733 sewing machine assembly package


How to Choose an Industrial Sewing Machine

A right industrial sewing machine can create competitive advantage for your sewn products, it is very important to make sure it's what you are looking for, before confirming order. Here list the basic points you need to consider when you choosing industrial sewing machine:

I. Arm type of machines

Different machine arm is designed for different application. The shape of your sewn product will determine the arm type of sewing machine you need. There three basic types of arm/bed:   

Flat-bed industrial sewing machine: flat bed sewing machine is the most common sewing equipment can be found in all sewn product manufacturer.
Flat bed sewing machine
Cylinder bed (cylinder arm or free arm) industrial sewing machine:  mostly used to reach into smaller places where a flat bed sewing machine is just not practical, for example sofa covers, car seat covers, saddle & harness, shoes & footwear, luggage & suitcase, hand bags, purses, golf bags and orthopedic products.

Cylinder bed sewing machine
Post bed industrial sewing machine: post bed machine is particularly suited for shoe work, upholstery and other work which is difficult to handle on a flat bed or a cylinder bed machine. It has a very small top surface, which permits an operator to handle a shoe upper and leather piece conveniently while fitting the lining, without twisting the upper out of shape. In today's world many are using post bed sewing machines for decorative stitching on sofa covers, Seat Covers & Cushions, boot tops and luggage.

Post bed sewing machine
Long arm industrial sewing machine: both flat bed, cylinder arm and post bed sewing machines, the length of arm can be extended for larger working space (clearance room) under the arm. Long arm industrial sewing machines are particularly suited for large or thick materials, such as sails, tents, tarpaulin, boat covers, parachutes, upholstered furniture and marine upholstery etc.

Long arm sewing machine
II. Presser foot lifting height

Compare the presser foot lifting height of sewing machines, according to the thickness of your material. For easy loading and unloading (especial bulky material), the clearance under presser foot at least 5mm-10 more than the thickness of material.

IV. Needle penetration force

Some industrial sewing machines have very high presser foot lift (over 20mm), but the needle penetration force is not very strong. When stitch extremely hard material (such as saddle leather, kevlar, plywood, plastic sheets and sailcloth), you have to check the needle penetration power with the professional who takes charge of your order. Obviously, the needle penetration force is dependent on a number of factors including: needle bar stroke, size of flywheel, needle bar movement (especial zigzag sewing machine). These factors cannot be improved, if you need an extra strong needle penetrating power for your stiff/hard material, you can contact HIGHTEX team for speed reducer, which can increase needle penetration power to 3-6 times!!

IV. Needle size & thread size

Each machine equipped with certain needle system and needle size range, you need to select right needle system/size according to the thread sizes you are using.

V. Sewing foot stroke (Amount of lift of walking foot)

Sewing foot stroke is the major factor of climbing capacity of sewing machine. If you are to sew thick point or cross seam (for example topstitching overlapped corners of sofas covers and car seat covers), you have to check the sewing foot stroke of machine. Also you can consider the special Upholster Climbing Presser Foot designed by HIGHTEX team.

VI. Feeding system of machine


There three basic feeding mechanisms in today industrial sewing machine trade:


Drop feed: drop feed (feed material by feed dog), this type machine is mainly used in apparel industry. All garment manufacturers have drop feed lockstitch sewing machine.

Walking foot (top & bottom feed or upper & lower feed): the drop feed (feed dog) and alternating (walking) presser foot feed synchronously, keeping all layers of webbing even and smooth while sewing them together. It is the basic machine for heavy duty sewing applications.

Triple feed (compound feed or union feed): triple transportation is the most expensive sewing technology in today market. Triple feed sewing machines have two alternating presser feet which move the material by synchronizing the motion of the needle bar, the inside presser foot and the bottom feed dog. While the material is being moved (forward or reverse), the outside foot is lifted off the top of the work. This allows the needle, inner foot and feed dog to easily transport all of the layers together, until the preset stitch length is reached.

Additionally, puller feed (a feeding device behind on the presser foot) is almost necessary when sewing large surface products, such as boat sails, spinnakers, parachutes, field covers, marquees and tents etc. 

VII. Your experience with industrial sewing machine

If you already have industrial sewing machines, it is better to purchase similar machines or their upgraded versions. In this case, the basic mechanics (such as threading, timing and sparing parts) is same, it will be much easier to manage the new machine with your experience.

To be continued.......


High efficiency lashing straps sewing machine (Labor Saver)

High efficiency lashing straps sewing machine (Labor Saver)

The higher labor costs would initially force lifting and lashing straps manufacturers to adopt higher levels of productivity. HIGHTEX engineering team has been focusing on adoption of labor-saving technology.

This robotic sewing unit will replace 2 workers. In addition, the quality of the seam will be controlled by the computer. So you can reduce the cost of the finish product, improve quality and enlarge the production speed. These measures will enable us to compete with other manufacturers, both American, European and Asian (China), offering your customers high quality products at low prices.

Equipped with automatic thread burner.

7273CNC/X heavy duty, thick thread, high speed programmable pattern sewing machine can sew with extremely thick thread up to V415, V462 and 1500Dx3 high tenacity polyester yarn, ideal for manufacturing ratchet tie down, cargo lashing straps, spanet, lashing belts, lifting slings, seat belts and safety harness, tents, parachutes, rescue belts and military equipment.

Watch video at youtube:

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High efficiency lashing straps sewing machine (Labor Saver)