205-370 Heavy duty upholstery sewing machine for topstitching leather sofas and furniture

HIGHTEX #205-370 BF extra heavy duty, triple feed arm type lockstitch sewing machine is designed for sewing leather sofas and other high-end leather upholstered furniture. 
The climbing presser feet will accommodate sewing all type thick overlapping corners and rigid pieces.
Sewing with 1.7 mm braided thread and other coarse sewing thread.
Stitch length is up to 14 mm.
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Automatic buffing wheel sewing machine and polishing wheel sewing machine

HIGHTEX 204-370 BP is an automated industrial sewing machine for manufacturing sewn buffing wheels and polishing wheels made in cotton, sisal, flannel and Denim. 
The main advantages:
1. Semi-Automatic Sewing Assembly, one worker can operate 3-4 sewing units;
2. Extra heavy duty, with high presser foot lift and can sew up to 7/8 inches buffs; 
3.Triple feed system guarantees uniformly stitch even sewing extra heavy materials;
4. High efficiency, the large shuttle hook reduces the number of bobbin changes.

High Speed extra heavy duty programmable sewing machine for slings and belts

HIGHTEX 72600PLK is High Speed heavy duty programmable pattern sewing machine for stitching 2-3 ply slings / belts with each of 3 mm. Ideal for manufacturing Ratchet Tie Down (cargo lashing straps), lifting slings, seat belts and safety harness, tents, parachutes, rescue belts and military equipment. Max.sewing speed: 1200 rpm Equipped with extra large rotary hook. Automatic thread trimmer (hot knife cutter) is available as option.

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