Straight stitch and zigzag sewing machine for attaching ropes to netting

Hightex 9204ZZ heavy duty straight stitch and zigzag sewing machine is capable of attaching rope to nets, joining nets together, and serging / finishing the edge of netting with thick ropes.

This specialized industrial ropes and nets sewing machine can handle all netting and rope thicknesses, ideal for manufacturing fishing nets, sports nets, cargo nets, safety nets, agriculture nets.

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Heat cutting machine for synthetic slings, straps and webbing (Hot knife cutter)

8907 Industrial heat cutting machine for heavy duty synthetic straps, webbing & belts

It is industrial grade heat cutting equipment to cut and seal synthetic materials to prevent fraying. The heavy-duty construction is suitable for most hot knife applications and materials up to 3/4" (20mm) thick in the manufacturing of slings, ropes and heavy webbing. The long-arm gives plenty of workspace and versatility. Special bracket is available as option for cutting multiple layers of webbing together. The extra long hot knife is suitable for cutting webbing slings, lashing straps, seat belts and other synthetic materials up to 300mm wide.

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Leather skiver leather splitter

800 Leather skiver

Features: Economically-priced skiver (leather splitter)  is great for lap and level skiving; 6” precision ground blade; Handle adjustment for quick and easy lap skiving; Adjustable stop can be set for repeated level skiving; Stainless steel old down bar for even skives.

Application: handmade leather craftsman, saddle makers, harness makers, belts makers, saddle maker, harness makers etc.

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