Cowboy 8020 economical leather splitting machine

The Cowboy Model CB 8020 is among one of the largest stationary blade splitters ever built for use in leather shops and by leather hobbyists.

The machine features fully adjustable split thickness levels, adjustable bottom roller tension, and a very easy to remove splitting blade.

The CB 8020 is rated to to split approximately 15-16 inch wide pieces of leather in any length. The machine excels at splitting thick leather and works down to leather that is around 6-7 ounces thick before splitting.

The micrometric thickness adjuster allows the machine to split as thin as about 1 ounce off at a time up to 12 ounces in a single pass.

Each CB 8020 is hand sharpened, adjusted, and pre lubricated prior to shipment. The blades are polished and sharpened using a centuries old "hollow grinding" technique that insures the blades will be razor sharp right out of the box.

Each 8020 machine comes complete with all items needed to run the unit, including tools, table, stand, special DC servo motor, and gear reducer drive unit.

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Heavy duty long arm walking foot canvas sewing machine

The 72600 L-25 is an ideal machine for use in bulk bag production, canvas bag production, the sewing of canvas tents, and other large projects that require a long arm sewing machine for sewing fabrics and other materials.

The machine features a large hook and extra capacity bobbin sane to those found in Mitsubishi machines and the Singer 132.

The machine can handle up to a size 346 thread with ease.

One of the hallmark features of the 72600 is that it features a "free sewing" capability that allows the operator to sew in any direction free of the control of the walking foot. By simply lifting up the presser foot lifter on the machine one can free stitch with machine, allowing one to sew circles, squares, and scalloped patterns with ease.

The 72600 can be set up with pneumatic presser foot lifter and pneumatic reverse to allow for increased productivity and more efficient operation.

Try the Cowboy CB72600 L-25 long arm walking foot machine in your canvas or bulk bag shop and discover the "Cowboy Advantage" today!!!!
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Cowboy CB341 medium weight walking foot cylinder arm sewing machine

The Cowboy CB341 is an ideal machine for lightweight and medium weight fabric and leather sewing projects. Featuring a compound feed walking foot design with needle feed, walking foot, and feed dogs, the CB341 offers perfectly spaced stitches in both forward and reverse.

The CB341 features a larger bobbin than most cylinder bed machines in its class. The large bobbin allows for fewer bobbin changes and thicker thread use. The 341 features a drop in style bobbin allowing for easier bobbin changes.

The CB341 can handle thread from size 46 to 138, and in certain conditions, up to a size 207 thread.

The build quality and efficiency in operation of the 341 is very refined, which translates into and excellent running machine with incredible durability and efficient operation.

The CB341 is an ideal machine for wallets, chaps, chinks, belts, billfolds, purses, handbags, automotive upholstery, marine vinyl and canvas, and other lightweight and medium weight projects.

The CB341 features a 10.5 inch arm and can comfortable sew from 1/16" to 3/8" inch thick day to day. It offers a 1/2" presser foot lift enabling the operator to fit thick materials under the arm with ease.

The CB341 lightweight and medium weight sewing machine is an excellent choice for many leather and fabric projects requiring a lighter thread. Try the Cowboy CB341 and discover the Cowboy Advantage today!!!!

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Cowboy CB227R Walking foot leather sewing machine

CB227R Medium Weight Sewing Machine Cylinder Arm, Walking Foot 

For Saddle Bags, Concealed Gun Holsters, Small Harnesses

CB227R  "Perfect for leather handbags & wallets!"

Cowboy industrial sewing machines are built to exacting standards and are capable of sewing real leather, as well as cloth, webbing, bioplastic and other materials.

The Cowboy CB227R sewing machine is capable of sewing up to 3/8" of leather, webbing, or denim, with up to #207 bonded nylon or polyester thread.

The machine has a 10 1/2 inch long cylinder arm (a.k.a: free arm) and uses the same multitudinous and inexpensive needles and presser feet as the Singer 111w155, Consew 227R and most other walking foot machines. The throat cover plate is cut off close to the left end of the arm, allowing you to sew gussets and other projects that have narrow flanges (with narrow feet). You can let shaped items hang down and sew along the back, very close to the edge.

The CB227R features a forward/reverse stitch length lever, which you pull down to back tack to lock your stitches. The positive compound feed is performed by a combination of a bottom feed dog, timed with a moving needle and moving inside presser foot. It has alternating presser feet, with the outside foot used to secure the work between stitches. This ensures that all layers move together and remain in alignment. It also guarantees consistent stitch length, due to the needle, inner foot and feed dog all pulling the material at the same ratio.

The Cowboy CB227R is an ideal machine for sewing the edges of belts, straps, pancake holsters, shaped and round cases, purses, hats and caps, backpacks and heavy garments (like jeans). This is also a perfect machine for sewing around arm holes, hems and cuffs on both cloth and leather garments, as the circular work can freely revolve around the cylinder arm.

Other uses for this machine include saddle bags, motorcycle seats, small animal harnesses, leashes and collars, concealed gun holsters, nylon webbing tow ropes, rifle slings, and even for installing zippers.

Max Sew Thickness:  3/8"  or approx 24 oz of stacked leather
Foot Lift: 1/2"
Thread size:  #69 to #207
Needle Type:  135x16  shank with #16 to #24 sizes
Cylinder Diameter:  2.6"  
Cylinder Arm Reach:  10.5"
Max Stitch Length: 5/in
Bobbin Style:  G type
Max Speed: 1200 for full thickness, up to 3000 for thin leather

Comes with: 
Full Size Heavy Duty Adjustable Pedestal Table on Casters
3/4 horsepower 110v Servo Motor with digital speed control
Reinforced ball bearing 3:1 speed reducer to increase precision
Super bright LED work light, runs cool with flexible positioning
Tools, oils, 10 pack of needles and 1 lb of thread.  
(4) G type Bobbins

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Rappelling Rope Sewing Machine

Hightex Sewing Machines provides customized automated sewing solutions for a wide variety of sewn projects. Our emphasis is on customization of automatic sewing solutions to suit the needs of the particular sewing application at hand for each customer. Hightex sewing machines offers advanced pneumatic system upgrades not present on other machines offered in the market. Utilizing pneumatic systems by SMC and Festo, Hightex sewing machines afford the very best in quality, smoothness in operation, durability, with greatly reduced operational noise.

In addition to pneumatic system upgrades, Hightex also offers the very best in electronic control systems for its customers. Our proprietary electronic control systems insure smooth operation with less noise and overall increased sewing efficiency.

Hightex offers the very best in sewing clamp systems, with many years of advanced design experience behind us insuring the very best in operational efficiency for our clients. With clamps allowing easy loading and unloading of the sewn product, and also easy change out from one clamping system to the next, the efficiency of Hightex automated sewing systems is unparalleled in the market.

Hightex Sewing machines are an ideal choice for sewing the following items:

D-Ring Extenders

Individual Shock Packs

Lanyards for every situation in Webbing, Ultra-Stretch Tubular Webbing, Y-Lanyards,

Nylon Rope Lanyards, and Galvanized Cable Lanyards (Also with 3,600 lb. gates)

Snap Hooks and Carabiners and Rollgate Hooks (Again, offered with 3,600 lb. gates)

Rope Grabs & Roofer Kits

Rebar Assemblies

Anchorages for all situations including Beam Anchors

Retractable Lanyards from 8 feet to 210 feet (Repairable) in Webbing and Cable

Tripod Retrieval Systems

Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Safe Edge Portable Roof Tie-Off Trailer

Rescue System for Suspended Fall Victims

Wire Rope with Rope Grab Ladder Safety System

Please visit our website at for more information on Hightex computerized automated sewing solutions.