Beginners Guide: how to use 71008 series heavy duty pattern sewing tacking machine

Beginners Guide: how to use 71008 series heavy duty pattern sewing tacking machine

All Hightex heavy duty automatic pattern sewing machines and bar tacking machines will be thoroughly assembled, tested and serviced, ready to operate. This Beginner Guide will help you learn these automatic sewing machines within 3-4 hours, then start your sewing production immediately. 

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This Quick Start Guide applies to Hightex 71008R / 72008R rope end bar tacking machine, 71008S, 72008, 75008 and 76008 extra heavy duty pattern sewing machine for flat webbing slings.

Step 1. Install the programming device

Step 2. Install the thread stand (for compact package, we disassembled the thread stand)

Step 3. Move the clamp (by hand) forward, backward, right and left, you should be able to move it smoothly, without any stuck or blocked

Step 4. Check the needle hole, make sure `that no debris blocking the hole

Step 5. Turn the flywheel for 2-3 circles (by hand), you should be able to move it smoothly, without any stuck or blocked
Step 6. Connect to air compressor, check general air pressure, the value of Aerosol separator is 0.4-0.6 Mpa, air pressure regulating valve is 0.2-0.3 Mpa

Step 7. Connect to power supply (220-240V ~ 50-60HZ, 1 phase)

Step 8, Press the switch "ON", you will hear "Beep"

Step 9, Press the Key of "PATTERN NO" showed in above picture

Step 10, Press the Key "4" and "6" to select the pattern number, you can see the thumbnail of each pattern

Step 11, after select a right pattern, press the confirmation key showed in above picture, clamp will automatically move to "origin position"

Step 12, put rope in the clamp (sewing frame)

Step 13, press the Left pedal, to close the clamp (see below picture)

Step 14, adjust the pressure of clamp to be 0.1Mpa (see above picture)

Step 15, Adjust the width of clamp, as following (above picture showed right side only, do same at left side): 
(1) Loosen the screw (same at left side, total 2 screws);
(2) Move limitation ring with Red arrow to back, make sure no space between the limitation ring and nut with Black arrow (same at left side, total 2 limitations);
(3) Tighten both left and right screw;
(4) Checking: you can move the rope right and left, but CAN NOT move forward and backward;
(5) Adjust the pressure of clamp back to be 0.2 Mpa (offset Step 14)

Step 16, Adjust the height of presser foot, as follow:
(1) Loosen the screw;
(2) Turn the flywheel as step .5, for moving needle to the lowest position;
(3) Down the presser foot: the bottom of presser foot (see red arrow) should be about 3 mm lower than the highest point material (rope);
(4) Tighten screw (make sure NOT change direction of presser foot when you tighten the screw. 

Step 17, Press the “F1” key (PATTERN CENTER) 

Step 18, set the pattern center, as follow:
(1) Press key "8" and "2", move clamp forward or backward, make needle in the middle of 2 ropes;
(2) Press key "4" and "6", move clamp right or left, make needle in the center of pattern (usually is the middle of material, symmetrical)

Step 19,  press the confirmation key showed in picture, clamp automatically move to "origin position" again

Step 20,  Press key of "FORWARD) for simulation test
The purpose of simulation test is to check if the machine will sew at right position.
Press this key, the machine will move one step, and "press ON" this key, the machine will continue to move. 
You need to watch the needle trace carefully, make sure all stitches are in right position

Step 21, after finish the simulation test (clamp automatically move to "origin position" again), press the key of "CLEAR" for quit simulation)

Step 22, Press key of "SPEED", then press key "8" and "2" to adjust the sewing speed, according to thickness of rope, finally press key of confirmation.
Now the machine is properly set for your rope!

Step 23, Thread your machine, usually we thread your machine before delivery (as reference)

Step 24, install the bobbin thread

Step 25, start to first sewing production:

(1) put rope in the clamp (same to step 12);

(2) Press the left pedal (to close the clamp);

(3) Press the right pedal (to down the top sewing frame);
(4) Press the middle pedal (to start sewing)

Step 26, during the first sewing operation, adjust the direction of needle cooler, the nozzle should focus on needle 

Step 27, check the oil consumption, about 2 minutes per drop. If not, turn the plastic knob

Step 28, check the sewing quality.
One of major advantages Hightex heavy duty automatic sewing machines is the premium seam quality is guaranteed. Check both top thread and bottom thread, make sure no skipped stitch,  bobbin thread Knots, Tangles and other stitching defects.


How to transfer sewing patterns to heavy programmable pattern tacking machine

How to transfer sewing patterns to Hightex 71008 series heavy programmable pattern tacking machines

The sewing patterns can be transferred via USB adapter very easily, this instruction covered Hightex 71008, 71008R, 71008S, 72008, 75008 and 76008.

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1.See the sewing pattern #77 in computer

2. Copy this pattern to USB disk
Note: pattern must be in root directly, NOT any sub-folder

3. Turn on the machine, you can see above screen

4. Insert the SUB disk

5. Press the key of READ OUT

6. You can see above option

7. Press #1 key (from U Disk to Sys), the pattern has been download to your sewing machine


9. You will see above message

Press #4, exit transferring


How to change rope sewing clamp and flat webbing clamp

How to change rope sewing clamp and flat webbing clamp

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Some of users of HIGHTEX 71008 Heavy duty rope end bar taking sewing machine want to sew flat webbing straps on same machine. Below it the step of changing sewing frame (clamp), convert the rope bar tacking machine to pattern sewing machine.

Remove 4 screws at left and right the cover.

Take off the cover

Take off 4 air tubes connect to control box and clamp (sewing frame)

You can see clearly the control box after taking off the air tube

Remove the 4 screws, you can take off clamp (sewing frame) 

Note: 2 of these 4 screws are longer

Put the new clamp (sewing frame)

Note: put 2 longer screws at right side (with red arrow), and 2 shorter screws at left side)
Very important!!!
Before tighten the 4 screws, make sure the new clamp is vertical to slide track.
How to check? Move the clamp right and left, the space between needle and the aluminium bar must be equal.

Insert 4 air tubes from the new clamp (sewing frame)

Please note the number on air tube and control box, must match up!!