Parts manual for 7700P twin needle programmable ornamental stitching machine

Parts manual for 7700P twin needle programmable ornamental stitching machine


How to transfer sewing pattern to 7273CNC programmable sewing machine

How to transfer sewing pattern to 7273CNC programmable sewing machine

This guide covered Hightex serial heavy duty programmable pattern sewing machine, included Hightex models 7273CNC, 7273PLK, 733PLC, 72600PLK and GLK911.

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Step 1. Create a new folder in the USB Disk

Step 2. Change the name of new folder to be DH_PAT

Step 3. Put the sewing pattern in the folder of DH_PAT (not directly in USB Disk)

Step 4. Insert the USB disk to the programming device

Step 5. Press the key as picture

Step 6. Press the key as picture

Step 7. Press the key as picture

Step 8. Press the key as picture, for saving
Step 9. To prevent from any mistake, "overwrite existing file" is not allow in this system. If the pattern number is RED,  the pattern number already existing, please click the red pattern number, then click the Key with red arrow, you will see below interface

Step 10. Input a new pattern number, click the "Enter" key for saving.


Hand operated hole punching machine for leather belt and strap

8500 Hand operated hole punching machine for leather belt and strap

This rotary punch is built for basic repeat punching in the belt and strap trades. This labor saving unit is easy to use -- adaptable to leather and even coated webbing applications. Equipped with automatic feeding and self-centering gauge that accommodates straps from 1/2 to 4-1/8 inches wide.

No electricity required. Simply hand crank the wheel to punch the material, and the machine feeds the work. The feed can be adjusted to punch holes from 7/16 inch (10 mm) to a max. of 1-3/4 inch (45 mm) apart. The hole spacing and shock absorbing anvil are adjustable too.

This handy leather belt and strap hole punching machine maximizes efficiency and performance at an economical price. This leather craft tool will definitely boost your productivity and quality.

Watch video at youtube: 


Manual leather embossing machine with custom roller

8700 Manual leather embossing machine with custom roller8700PRO Motor driven leather belt/strap embossing machine

The Cowboy leather embosser is an invaluable tool for use in any leatherworkers shop.

Using commonly available dies made widely available in the leather industry, almost any belt or strap can be embossed using this handy bench tool.

The machine has an option for a heated embossing roll which will allow for clearer and crisper patterns to be embossed in many different types of leather. An option for a motor drive unit can also be incorporated into the machine allowing ample production capacity for larger shops.

Handy edge guides allow for easy feeding of the strap into the machine.

A hand crank option is available for smaller shops or situations where power is not available.

Optional creasing rolls can be used on the machine allowing the user to do creased belts and straps as well.

The machine features a pressure adjustment function in which the user can adjust the depth of the embossed pattern as well.

Add the Cowboy leather embossing machine to your shop and discover the Cowboy Advantage today!!!!

OUTLAW Hand crank leather sewing machine

OUTLAW Hand crank leather sewing machine

Watch video on youtube @

This affordable hand crank sewing machine is an economical alternative to electric powered sewing machines for saddle makers, leather workers and manufacturers of harnesses.

The OUTLAW leather hand crank stitcher is a hand-powered leather sewing machine capable of sewing up to 3/4 inch thick leather, as well as nylon, canvas, urethane, plastic, sheepskin, webbing, beta, biothane, and the like.

No need for cords, outlets or motors because it is designed to power free. It is also very light (compared to powered machines) and so offers a great deal of portability.

The hand-powered OUTLAW leather hand stitcher can easily be mounted or clamped to any surface and a simple pull of the handle is all it takes to start stitching. Every pull completes a precise lockstitch, so precision step-by step stitching becomes reality for detailed sewing work. This machine is an excellent machine for doing repairs on leather goods that have already been sewn, as the operator can match each hole stitch for stitch. It is also an excellent machine for knife sheath and holster makers.

The OUTLAW uses the precision Adler 205-370 style large Barrel shuttle hook, race, and bobbin, and has been specially designed for processing extremely thick sewing thread and heavy weight materials. The hook, race, and bobbin for the Outlaw has been previously unused in machines of this type in the past. Far less skipped stitches can be achieved with the Outlaw due to this precision hook, bobbin, and race design. The Outlaw also features a larger bobbin capacity than other hand crank stitchers in its class.

This hand crank leather sewing machine uses a jump foot needle feed mechanism to pull the material through the machine, which results in very consistent stitch lengths, as well as perfectly spaced stitches.

Built tough with an extremely durable, precision cast iron frame instead of an aluminum frame, and all steel parts instead of zinc extruded parts, there are no soft metals used at all in the machine.

The Outlaw is truly a rebel in its class!!! Designed to provide years of dependable trouble free operation, the Outlaw is destined to become a mainstay in your arsenal of leather working tools.

Try the Cowboy Outlaw and discover the Cowboy Advantage today!!!!


Beginners Guide: how to use 71008 series heavy duty pattern sewing tacking machine

Beginners Guide: how to use 71008 series heavy duty pattern sewing tacking machine

All Hightex heavy duty automatic pattern sewing machines and bar tacking machines will be thoroughly assembled, tested and serviced, ready to operate. This Beginner Guide will help you learn these automatic sewing machines within 3-4 hours, then start your sewing production immediately. 

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This Quick Start Guide applies to Hightex 71008R / 72008R rope end bar tacking machine, 71008S, 72008, 75008 and 76008 extra heavy duty pattern sewing machine for flat webbing slings.

Step 1. Install the programming device

Step 2. Install the thread stand (for compact package, we disassembled the thread stand)

Step 3. Move the clamp (by hand) forward, backward, right and left, you should be able to move it smoothly, without any stuck or blocked

Step 4. Check the needle hole, make sure `that no debris blocking the hole

Step 5. Turn the flywheel for 2-3 circles (by hand), you should be able to move it smoothly, without any stuck or blocked
Step 6. Connect to air compressor, check general air pressure, the value of Aerosol separator is 0.4-0.6 Mpa, air pressure regulating valve is 0.2-0.3 Mpa

Step 7. Connect to power supply (220-240V ~ 50-60HZ, 1 phase)

Step 8, Press the switch "ON", you will hear "Beep"

Step 9, Press the Key of "PATTERN NO" showed in above picture

Step 10, Press the Key "4" and "6" to select the pattern number, you can see the thumbnail of each pattern

Step 11, after select a right pattern, press the confirmation key showed in above picture, clamp will automatically move to "origin position"

Step 12, put rope in the clamp (sewing frame)

Step 13, press the Left pedal, to close the clamp (see below picture)

Step 14, adjust the pressure of clamp to be 0.1Mpa (see above picture)

Step 15, Adjust the width of clamp, as following (above picture showed right side only, do same at left side): 
(1) Loosen the screw (same at left side, total 2 screws);
(2) Move limitation ring with Red arrow to back, make sure no space between the limitation ring and nut with Black arrow (same at left side, total 2 limitations);
(3) Tighten both left and right screw;
(4) Checking: you can move the rope right and left, but CAN NOT move forward and backward;
(5) Adjust the pressure of clamp back to be 0.2 Mpa (offset Step 14)

Step 16, Adjust the height of presser foot, as follow:
(1) Loosen the screw;
(2) Turn the flywheel as step .5, for moving needle to the lowest position;
(3) Down the presser foot: the bottom of presser foot (see red arrow) should be about 3 mm lower than the highest point material (rope);
(4) Tighten screw (make sure NOT change direction of presser foot when you tighten the screw. 

Step 17, Press the “F1” key (PATTERN CENTER) 

Step 18, set the pattern center, as follow:
(1) Press key "8" and "2", move clamp forward or backward, make needle in the middle of 2 ropes;
(2) Press key "4" and "6", move clamp right or left, make needle in the center of pattern (usually is the middle of material, symmetrical)

Step 19,  press the confirmation key showed in picture, clamp automatically move to "origin position" again

Step 20,  Press key of "FORWARD) for simulation test
The purpose of simulation test is to check if the machine will sew at right position.
Press this key, the machine will move one step, and "press ON" this key, the machine will continue to move. 
You need to watch the needle trace carefully, make sure all stitches are in right position

Step 21, after finish the simulation test (clamp automatically move to "origin position" again), press the key of "CLEAR" for quit simulation)

Step 22, Press key of "SPEED", then press key "8" and "2" to adjust the sewing speed, according to thickness of rope, finally press key of confirmation.
Now the machine is properly set for your rope!

Step 23, Thread your machine, usually we thread your machine before delivery (as reference)

Step 24, install the bobbin thread

Step 25, start to first sewing production:

(1) put rope in the clamp (same to step 12);

(2) Press the left pedal (to close the clamp);

(3) Press the right pedal (to down the top sewing frame);
(4) Press the middle pedal (to start sewing)

Step 26, during the first sewing operation, adjust the direction of needle cooler, the nozzle should focus on needle 

Step 27, check the oil consumption, about 2 minutes per drop. If not, turn the plastic knob

Step 28, check the sewing quality.
One of major advantages Hightex heavy duty automatic sewing machines is the premium seam quality is guaranteed. Check both top thread and bottom thread, make sure no skipped stitch,  bobbin thread Knots, Tangles and other stitching defects.