Quick guide for MLK500 High speed programmable pattern sewing machine

Hightex MLK500 serial high speed programmable pattern sewing machine can make a revolution in your sewing production of cargo lashing straps, safety harness and seat belts.

The apparent advantage is its 3 times large rotary hook which can easily sew heavy duty webbing straps with thick thread up to metric size #10 (=T-270, V277, 840dx3).

Here is the Quick Guide to help you start your MLK500 automatic sewing machine. If you have any additional question, please contact our technician at

All Hightex automatic programmable sewing machines are completely installed, tested and serviced, ready to operate. When you open the plywood box, you will see the machines in below condition, now you just take several steps to prepare for sewing.  

Step.1 Open the cabinet, take out the accessories

Step 2. Pass the cable of Operation Panel through steel tube as below figure:

As well as the base on table (see below figure):

Step 3. Install the Operation Panel as below figure:

Step 4. Connect the cable of Operation Panel to the Electronic Control Box (inside the cabinet) as below figure. The plugs are exclusive, do not worry about wrong connection.

Step 5. Pass the cable of  Pedal Switch through the hole as below figure:

Step 6. Connect the cable of Pedal Switch to the Electronic Control Box (inside the cabinet) as below figure. The plugs are exclusive, do not worry about wrong connection.

Step 7. Install the thread stand as below figure:

Step 8. Connect the machine to air compressor by 8 mm (Dia.) air tube as below figure:

Step 9. Check the gauge as below figure, make sure the air pressure is 0.5-0.6 Mpa. It is very important! If the air pressure is not enough, the needle might hit clamp (sewing frame) might, and caused damage!!
Step 10. Oiling-------To keep your automatic sewing machine in good running condition, be sure to keep your machine properly oiled

10.1. Fill the upper oil tank as below figure, and check oil window, make sure the oil tank is full. We recommend that you check the oil window every 1 week.

10.2. Fill the lower oil tank as below figure, and check oil window, make sure the oil tank is full. 

10.3. All lubrication points RED marked on the following three pictures must be given a few drops of oil daily.

Step 11. Plug 220-240V, 50-60Hz electric power, as below figure: 

Step 12. Turn on the machine, as below figure: 

Step 13. Insert the clamp (sewing frame), as below figure: 

Step 14. Shake the clutch under table (as below figure #1), for locking the clamp (as below figure #2):

Step 15. Install the bobbin to built-in bobbin winder on top of machine, then , wind the bobbin (check here for detail-------

Step 16. Install the bobbin as below figure:

Step 17. Threading: 

Clicking the key marked with red arrow (as below figure #1), then thread your automatic pattern sewing machine as video on youtube-------

Step 18. Open the cover of Emergency Stop Switch, as below figure:

Step 19. Click below key (mark with RED arrow), move the needle and clamp to zero position. 

Step 20. Click below pattern numbers (mark with RED arrow), select right sewing pattern. 

Step 21. Press the right pedal, to down the clamp. The machine can be with 2 different settings:  close left and right clamps separately (recommend for cargo lashing straps or safety harness) or close both clamp together (recommend for webbing belts). If with separate down setting, you need to press the right pedal for 2 times.


Step 22. Trial sewing: press on the key marked with RED arrow, the machine will give a sewing simulation. The purpose of sewing simulation is make sure the needle work within clamp, without any conflict.   

Step 23. after a successful sewing simulation,  click below key (mark with RED arrow), move the needle to first stitch position (start point).

Step 24. Put the material, press right pedal to close clamp, then  press left pedal to start sewing production. 

Step 25. 
Maintenance-------very important!!

25.1. Using air gun, remove the dust and the thread waste sticking the threading parts or the hooks area, as below 2 figures:

25.2. Check the oil window of oil tank. If the oil is  under the red mark level, add oil again, as below 2 figures:

More heavy duty automatic sewing machines refer to our official website at

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