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If you're going to make your own sails, the first thing you'll need is a good sewing machine. The type of material you'll be working with and its use determines what type of sewing machine you'll need. Get yourself a quality sewing machine that does a good, zigzag triple-stitch in multi-layered polyester and rest assured that your sails will hold against the elements.

The biggest reason a regular, domestic sewing machine won't work well is the material with which you're working. Polyethylene terephthalate sailcloth, commonly known by the brand name Dacron, is light enough that a common machine can stitch through it without slipping, but not when multiple layers are being put through. Generally, sailcloth is made of at least four layers of cloth, sometimes ten. To handle this much material, it's best to use a commercial-grade machine. Another reason to use a industrial sewing machine is the type of stitch you'll be relying on, namely the zigzag triple-stitch. It's not a complex stitch. Yet with the strain the wind applies to the sailcloth, it's best to have the securest stitches possible. Moreover, the industrial sewing machines are of much better quality in a large manufacturing environment.

Model 740 walking foot lockstitch sewing machine( the arm (340*170 mm) is higher & longer than most standard machines, mainly used for detailed work and finishing, for example binding tape, sewing zippers & piping cords, attaching metal ring and straight stitching for day sailing, cotton sails, spray hoods, boat covers, interior & exterior boat upholstery etc.

Model 9518 high speed triple zigzag sewing machine( the first choice for spinnaker sail makers, especially the one-man loft specializing in cruising sails for boat under 35’

Model 9266 extra heavy duty lockstitch zigzag sewing machine, the fine copy of Adler 266-1, good for sewing sail corners, thick webbings, heavy duty canvas & sail work.

266-1 Heavy duty zigzag machine in Doyle sail loft 
Model 9366-12 heavy duty 3-step zigzag sail making machine(, the most economic sewing solution for heavy boat sails making and repairing. Puller is available as option.
Heavy duty 3-step(4-point) zigzag

Model 9518-30 long arm medium weight zigzag sewing machine( ideal for light to medium weight spinnakers and windsurf sail sails using needles size 90 - 130 with thread sizes V46, V69 and V92 and capable of processing materials up to 10mm. This machine is interchangeable to Durkopp Adler 72525-101D.
This sail making machine from sail loft in Chile

Model 9366-31HA high and long arm heavy duty zigzag sewing machine for sail makers and repairs( today boats are getting bigger it is almost a necessity if you are to make repairs in the middle of a large sail to have a larger machine. #9366 is one of the largest heavy duty zigzag sail making machine in today market, it can stitch more than 20 oz. sailcloth, using thick thread up to V207 and needle #250. Covered straight stitch, standard zigzag, 2-step and 3-step zigzag.

This sail maker sewing machine is recognized as the ultimate sewing machine currently available, it out powers all other sail maker sewing machines, it is capable of powering its needle through 20mm of Dacron, Kevlar or leather, with its adjustable speed, pitch and zigzag action it can take on the largest sails you can imagine, described by the European sail makers as the Porsche of sewing machine, it is without doubt the strongest machine ever produced.

This is the improved version of Durkopp Adler 366-76-12-HM

This 366 sail making machine from Australian sail loft
This heavy duty zigzag sail maker sewing machine is completely assembled and serviced (Ready to Sew), and deliver by large plywood crate. Customers just need to connect 220V electric and air compressor, before use.

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  1. Thanks for your review. I always get my ratchets from this place - they provide great service, and they are long-lasting quality tools. I recommend them to everyone.
    Ratchet straps

  2. I own a sail making and sail repairing business. I am interested in getting a machine for sewing windsurf sails/ kites and spinakers, would you recomend this model ? Can you send me more info and price?

  3. #9518 medium weight triple zigzag sewing machine is the best sewing machine for windsurf sails and spinnakers in today market. If you meed make repair in the middle of sail, the long arm zigzag machine (#9518-30) should be consider.

  4. Could you quote me for a 9518-30 Long arm medium weight zigzag sewing machine? I was wondering if this machine has a triple stitch option? I'm looking for something long arm but not too heavy duty that I can use for spinnakers and code zero's.

    1. Please look at, #9518-30 comes with 4 cams for straight stitch, 1-step (2-point), 2-step (3-point) and 3-step (4-point) zigzag, is the specialist for windsurf sails and spinnakers.
      Please contact Jane ( for locate nearest dealer.