71008R Extra heavy duty automated rope sewing machine (Rope end bar tacking)

#71008R is extra heavy duty thick thread automated bar tacking machine (ROPE END BAR TACKER

for automatically rope end loop stitching, for manufacturing such as climbing ropes, safety rope, harness, sterling rope, cord, industrial ropes, climbing gear, mooring rope, rigging rope and other fiber ropes. This specialized commercial sewing machine is designed for joining two ropes together by stitching, to form bar-tacked loops (reinforcement stitch) at end of rope. Maximum 18mm (Dia.) synthetic ropes can be stitched. 

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 This machine can replace Mitsubishi PLK-E1008-H, PLK-B1008-H, Mitsubishi PLK-E2008-H, PLK-G2008H and Durkopp Adler 506.

Rope stitching machine

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