Slings and Seat Belts sewing machine with ultra-thick thread trimmer (heat cutter

Slings and Seat Belts sewing machine with ultra-thick thread trimmer (heat cutter) 

Testing machine: HIGHTEX #7273CNC 
Sewing material: lifting slings, seat belts for car and aircraft 
Country of client: Germany 
Requirements: join 2 & 3 ply webbing slings and seat belts by 144 reinforcement stitch; Using extra heavy duty automated pattern sewing machine; With automatic thread trimmer for cutting thick thread (burn off). 

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  1. Round slings and seat belts machine is best to use it for multiple stitching..

    1. Thanks Jason, 7273CNC heavy duty automated pattern sewing machine is capable of stitch 3-6 ply slings and belts with 3.5 mm of each.

  2. I am interested in a few of your machines.  Namely P/N 71008 and P/N 72008.I would like additional information and pricing for these machines.  We arein need of a machine to sew automated patterns in Mil-spec Type 13, Type 10,and Heavy Polyester webbing with #210 and #270 thread.  Thickness up to 4ply's.  We need a good reliable machine capable of sewing repeatablepatterns with good stitch quality

  3. John, 7273CNC is designed for 6 ply slings construction and thick Polyester thread #346. Ideal for synthetic web slings and round slings manufacturers who serves high-end industries, like automobile upholstery, safety equipment and military products. This machine is stronger than 71008 and 72008