Heavy duty ornamental stitching machine for sewing decorative seams on leather with thick thread

204-102 MD Heavy duty ornamental stitching machine for sewing decorative seams on leather with thick thread

HIGHTEX 204-102 MD (CowBoy 7204MD is a heavy duty, twin needle, rotary needle bar, ornamental stitch industrial sewing machine for decorative stitching on high end furniture and sofas, marine upholstery, shoes uppers, suitcases, bags, canvas, backpacks, vautomotive trim as well as heavy fabric, such as jeans, big sunshade, tents and sofas. This ornamental stitch sewing machine is designed for high end furniture and sofas manufacturers, especially when thick thread decorative seam is required. 

This industrial grade upholstery sewing machine is capable of sewing up to Nm 8/3 or braided yarn up to a thickness of 1 mm can be processed due to the large barrel shuttle hook. The spring return roller presser foot can automatically adjust the pressure when thickness of material corners. This machine is ideal for moccasin and false moccasin production. Initial and final reinforcing stitching can be performed too. 204-102 MD upholstery sewing machine is suitable for sewing heavy weight materials such as leather, canvas, vinyl, synthetics and various coated, laminated and rubberized fabrics. Comes with 7 different cams for up to 14 different decorative stitches, including T-stitch, Box-stitch etc. 
204-102 MD can replace Durkopp Adler 204-102 MD e CIUCANI X86/204 C. 
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