724368 Heavy duty twin needle post bed sewing machine for decorative topstitching seams with braided thread

724368 Heavy duty twin needle post bed sewing machine for decorative topstitching seams with braided thread

In high end sofas and furniture manufacture and automotive upholstery industry, thick thread decorative seams play an extremely important role in the appearance and performance of the finished product. Sewing threads tend to get thicker in high class upholstery trade, especially for decorative topstitching seams on sofas covers, car seat cover, shoes and leather goods. HIGHTEX 724368 is designed for medium to heavy duty decorative stitching with extremely thick thread. 

The advantages:

 The Adler 204 type extra large barrel shuttle has been specially designed for processing the extreme thread and material thickness of heavyweight materials;

 Its heavy duty combined triple feeding action by way of: bottom feed, needle feed and walking foot top feed, guarantees effective handling of medium to heavy weight materials, leather and fabrics etc;

 High needle penetration power guarantee easy sewing thick spots or cross seams, without loose stitch, skipped stitch, damage thread and shorten stitch length.

 The high sewing foot lift up to 23 mm facilitates the feeding and removing of bulky workpieces;

The sewing foot stroke up to 10 mm allows the safe climbing over differently high material plies;

Pneumatic additional thread tension for excellent stitch formation when sewing over thick spots ;

Up to 12 mm long stitches for decorative topstitching seams;

 The speed reducer greatly improves the stitch quality when it is necessary to slow down, or change directions, or stitching overlapping cross seam;

 Excellent stitch pattern, constantly tight stitch formation, even with large stitch lengths and extreme thread sizes .

  The large bobbin capacity reduces the number of bobbin changes and offer high efficiency when using extra thick thread, max. metric thread size 7, V415, T-400, 1300dx3 or Amann Serabraid Thread 1400 T60 braided thread.

 Automatic presser foot lift, back tacking (reverse stitch), Precise needle UP/Down stop positioning.

Front tape guide is available for double stitch with under tape strengthening, saddle stitch and top stitch.

Decorative stitching 2 needle stitching are widely used in car interiors, upholstery and leather accessories / skin. To obtain a high quality optical appearance, looking for a seam pattern uniform and parallel seams. HIGHTEX 724368 is specialized thick thread upholstery sewing machine for this field, a good replacing machine of Durkopp Adler 868-290321, Durkopp Adler 868-290322, Durkopp Adler H868-290361 and  Durkopp Adler H867-290362.

724368 Specifications
Number of needle
Single needle
Hook Type
Large Barrel Shuttle
Max. sewing speed
600 rpm
Needle system
DYx3 / 794(#280)
Max. stitch length
Thread size
V415 or 1.4mm braided thread
Presser foot lift (knee)
Different ratio
Presser foot lift (hand)
Thread take up lever
Cam type
Needle bar stroke
Needle gauge set
14mm (standard)
Working space

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Heavy duty twin needle post bed sewing machine for decorative topstitching seams