The cowboy CB-32 belt strap embossing machine represents and excellent value for persons seeking to emboss belts and straps.  The CB-32 is an ideal machine for embossing patterns on all types of strap goods, particularly leather waist belts and gun belts.

The CB-32 uses a rotary style embossing mold that can be made up to three inches in diameter.  A three inch diameter roll will allow for more than 9 inches of linear embossing along the surface of the strap.  This allows the user to emboss very complex and intricate patterns that do not repeat along the belt very often.  The absence of a constantly repeating pattern provides a look that is more in line with a hand tooled belt or strap as opposed to one that looks as though it were done with a machine.

Embossing rolls can be made in diameters up to 3 inches and widths as small as 1/8 inch to 3 inches wide.

The CB-32 belt and strap embossing machine features a variable speed feed design that allows the user to regulate how fast the belt passes through the machine.  This allows the user to control the depth and clarity of the embossed pattern to suit both the type of leather and the pattern being embossed.  The machine also features a variably heated roller that allows the user to select different heat levels for the embossing roll.  A heated roll allows for more depth and clarity on the embossed strap and also allows the embossed area to develop a rich patina reminiscent of hand tooled work.

The machine delivers a much higher level of tonnage as compared to hand operated machines.  This is attributed to the dual pressure spring action on the embosser as well as the dual pressure adjusting wheels located at the top of the machine.

The machine comes with its own enclosed cabinet with concealed motor drive unit keeping the motor and belt out of the way of the operator.  The machine has a discharge chute on the back of the unit  which will keep freshly embossed straps off the floor.

The CB-32 belt and strap embossing machine is offered at a cost around half that of currently available embossing machines.  The reliability and time tested design of the unit will insure a lifetime of use and dependable operation.

Customized embossing rolls are available for the machine in all sizes and diameters.  These rolls can be furnished at about half the price of comparable embossing rolls available to the industry today.

The CB-32 belt strap embossing machine will run off 110v single phase household current.

Add a CB-32 embossing machine to your current machinery line and discover the Cowboy Advantage today!!!!

Ryan O. Neel
Neel's Saddlery and Harness

Leather belts embossing machine

Leather belts embossing machine 

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