7373ECO Super heavy duty walking foot industrial sewing machine with low cost

Due to the continuously growing demands in the field of leather and technical textile, as well as the simultaneously required maximum efficiency in modern production the sewing technology is confronted with new challenges. 7373 class Hi-Power stitcher is the specialized industrial sewing equipment for stitching heavy weight materials, such as lifting slings, cargo lashing straps and safety harness, Ratchet Tie Down straps, leather sofas, leather armchair, harness for work at height, Tatami mats, military equipment, backpacks, crane slings, lanyards, spanzet, safety belts and sails corner patch.

Base on 20 years of manufacturing and marketing experience, the Third-generation heavy duty industrial sewing machine comes with robust construction and proven reliability;

The presser foot has an extra high lift and can go up to 32mm, allowing for a large range of extra heavy weight material to be used;

The optimized threading and dual thread tensioners assure constantly tight stitch formation and stitch balance (between needle thread and bobbin thread) even interchange sewing productions of 2-ply cargo lashing straps and 6-ply heavy duty lifting slings, thus the seam strength is guaranteed;

This Hi-Power sewing machine comes with extra strong needle penetration force and extraction force, is capable of stitching various synthetic materials such as Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Webbing, Kevlar, Vinyl, Leather and Canvas;

The spool capacity (bobbin capacity) offers high efficiency in sewing products using very thick thread: 138 (T-135, Tkt 20, 420d X 3), 207 (T-210,Tkt 15, 630d X 3), 277 (T-270,Tkt 10, 840d X 3), 346 (T-350,Tkt 8, 1100d X 3) and 415 (T-400,Tkt 7, 1300d X 3) and 462 (T-500,1500d X 3) high tenacity polyester yarn;

The modified alternating presser feet (teeth type walking foot) and drop feeding mechanism assures uniform stitching even sew with multiple layers of dense, thick, or slippery material, including tie down webbing, lifting slings webbings, safety harness webbing, seat belts webbing, military webbing, dyneema and kevlar.

The user-friendly operation of this HIGHTEX sewing machine gives you ease of use, no skilled operator required;

The Long Beak Barrel shuttle hook greatly facilitates timing adjustment, eliminate skipped stitch and damage thread;

 Low maintenance due to its durable parts with low wear and tear;

Affordable price.

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7373ECO/7373BV Specifications
Number of needle
Single needle
Hook Type
Long Beak Large Barrel Shuttle
Max. sewing speed
800 rpm
Needle system
794 or 7x3 #280
Max. stitch length
Max sewing thread
1500d X 3 (T-500,462)
Presser foot lift (knee)
Thread take up lever
Cam type
Presser foot lift (hand)
Needle bar stroke
Working space

extra heavy duty webbing sling sewing machine