How to set CowBoy 8020 stationary knife heavy vegetable tanned leather splitting machine

The CowBoy 8020 Stationary knife heavy vegetable tanned leather splitting machine will level or split vegetable tanned leathers from about 4 oz. up to about 15⁄16 oz. Using various adjustments your leather can first be "leveled", or then the leather can be split into almost any desired weight even down to light weight lining leathers sometimes in just one pass. The machine is powerful enough to split any length of heavy vegetable tanned leathers up to 16" wide. .

The sharpness of the blade is essential to this machines performance. If the blade is not sharp enough to shave off the hair from your arm, then the machine cannot work good. You must know how to sharpen the blade in order for it to work well.

1. In order for the machine to work, you must have a speed reducer installed on the machine. It cannot work with just the plain motor. It must be a motor with a speed reducer (as above picture).

2. See above picture, there 2 adjust bolt at Right and Left the machine, turn both bolts to adjust the height of bottom roller (as below picture), the blade must be about 1.5 mm above the bottom roller (both Right and Right sides).

3. See above picture, there are 3 bolts on the top of Blade Base, loosen all these 3 bolts.

4. See above picture, there are 2 bolts at the back of  Blade Base, loosen all these 3 bolts, move the blade. The blade must be positioned a bit (2mm) back from the center line of the bottom roller (both Right and Right sides). 

5. Tighten all bolts in step 3 and step 4.

6. Turn the wheel in above picture, adjust the height of top roller, according to thickness of your leather.  

7. The hand wheel in above picture for manual operation, for example take off the leather from machine. 

8. Repeat again: The blade must be RAZOR sharp. It has to be so sharp you can shave hairs off your arm with it

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