Automatic industrial sewing machine

Automatic industrial sewing machine

Automatic industrial sewing machine is also known as “Automated industrial sewing machine”, “Sewing automation”, “Computerized sewing machine”, ”Electronically controlled sewing machine”, is the industrial sewing machine can fully automatic or semi-automatic finish one or more sewing operations. Automatic industrial sewing machines usually have below advantages: 
1.Computerized operation; 
2.Automatic monitor; 
3.Automatic feeding (by clamping system); 
4.Automatic thread trimmer; 
5.Automatic needle UP/DOWN position; 
6.Automatic foot lifting; 
7.Automatic back tacking (reverse stitch) 

Due to the rapid increase of labor cost in global manufacturing, the demand of automatic sewing machine is growing up very fast. Even in heavy duty sewing applications, like lifting sling and cargo lashing, safety harness, Big Bag, aerospace, military and others. Sewing automation is the Inevitable trend. So we strive to develop more and more automatic sewing machines for heavy to extra heavy materials including: #71008 extra heavy duty large barrel shuttle, automatic polyester slings sewing machine (heavy duty automatic pattern tacking machine) 71008R extra heavy duty large barrel shuttle, automatic rope sewing machine (heavy duty automatic bar tack machine) 72600PLC High speed heavy duty automatic sewing machine for attaching lifting loops (handles) on Big Bag.

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  1. Our company is interested in this machine and others like it. We are researching the manufacture of cargo control straps and are going to buy a couple of machines. The machine will need to sew 1" to 4" wide straps and be fully programmable. Please send me information and pricing on this and other machines you recommend