Hot air inflatable boats welding machine

Hot air welding machine is widely used in sealing inflatable boats is especially made of PVC fabric. 

Electronic control system which this machine is equipped with allows precisely control air temperature and speed at which fabric is fed into machine, which eliminates overheat and destruction of PVC layer on the material. 

Welding has better adhesiveness than gluing, which makes durable and stronger seams. 
 How the hot wail welding machine works? ( Heated air is blown into the seam area, causing the membrane surfaces to melt. A roller and the weight of the machine then presses the two sheets of coating on the fabric in the overlap together. As the welder moves away from a given seam location, the thermoplastic surfaces quickly cools down to ambient temperature and the heat weld is completed, providing a watertight, permanent bond. In fact, the welded seam is stronger than the surrounding PVC fabric. 

 Benefits of hot air welding: 
1.Hot air welding work best for bonding long, continuous lengths of tape. 
2.Hot air welding is fast and consistent. 
3.Provides streamlined finish to product, resulting in a professional appearance Inflatable boats are big and with unique shapes, it is almost a necessary to have large welding machine with rotary arm if you are to make various curved seam on foldable inflatable boats or rigid inflatable boats. 

The HIGHTEX #S700 automatic hot air welding machine ( is designed for inflatable boats and other inflatable products, especially for welding heavy duty inflatable boat is manufactured with extra tough and extra thick PVC fabric.

Custom made molds are available for different seal types, in included Overlap (standard), Hem with Hot Air, Hem with Hot Wedge, Hem with Pocket, Hem with Rope, Butt Seal with Tape on Two Sides, Butt Seal with Tape on One Side, Lap Seal with Cover Strip on One Side, Lap Seal with Cover Strip on Both Sides, Fin Seal, Truckside Beading, Webbing, Double Sided Keder, Single Sided Keder and other special type.

 Hot air inflatable welding machine