733PLC Extremely heavy duty programmable electronic pattern sewing machine

733PLC Heaviest programmable electric pattern sewing machinefor extremely thick materials and sewing threads used in the production of webbingstraps and safety harness

The 733PLC class is one of the most heavy duty programmable electronic pattern sewing machines in production today. It can be used to stitch many heavy duty applications such as Cargo Lashings, Safety Harnesses, particularly for the Automotive, Aviation and Military Industries.

The advantages: The presser foot has an ultra high lift of up to 32mm, allowing for a large range of extra heavy weight material or bulky items to be used, such as Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Webbing, Kevlar, Vinyl, Leather and Canvas; The special extra large shuttle hook and bobbin capacity offers high efficiency in sewing products using extra thick thread and has a thread rating up-to size #0 - #00; Can easily sew 6-8 ply synthetic webbing slings (3.5mm of each) or join two ropes and cords together with each of 28mm; Hardware including Ratchet, shackles, thimbles, choker triangles and others can be sewn into the slings for varying applications Excellent stitch pattern and constantly tight stitches; Closed-Loop Control Type; High clamp lift and large needle penetration power allow the processing of extremely thick materials; The true needle cooling system can force a stream of compressed air (sub zero temperature) onto the needle to cool it, so you can sew through one-half inch of synthetic material without breaking needle & thread melt; The oil pump automatic oil supply system can reduce the abraison on the spare parts so improve service life; These automatic industrial sewing machines are completely assembled and delivered by strong plywood case (Ready To Sew).

Optional devices: Heat automatic thread trimmer (burner); Needle cooler; Upper thread breakage detector; Pneumatic additional thread tension

Applications: polyester lifting slings & cargo lashing strap (Ratchet Tie Down), safety belts, safety harness, military webbing, crane slings, industrial safety products, saddles, sails, spanzet, rescue belts, vest, military equipment, parachutes, balloons, heavy duty equestrian harness, construction barriers, Kernmantle ropes, climbing ropes for arborist and rock climber, synthetic fiber mooring rope.

733PLC/X Heaviest automated pattern tacking machine for slings, harness and belts

733PLC/R Automated bar tacker for sewn terminations on friction cords and lanyard ropes

Stitch Type
Hook Type
Oscillating Barrel shuttle
Max. QTY of Patterns
520 patterns
X/Y Drive
Timing Belt
Sewing Area
250mm x160mm
Schmetz 1000H (#250)
Thread Trimming Method
Upper and Lower burner
V693, 2000dx3, metric #4
Max. Sewing Speed
400 rpm
NeedleBar Stroke
Sewing Speed Selection
200~600 rpm
Work Holder Lift
Feeding System
Presser Foot Lift
Stitch Length
Needle cooler
Cold air (optional)
Pattern Storage
Internal Memory
Pattern Input
Touch Screen
Max. Number of Stitches
20000 per pattern
Drive Motor
Limi-Servo (750 Watts)
Control system
Closed-Loop Control
Plywood case
Air pressure
0.6 MPa
Total Weight
368 KGS (Gross)
*The max. sewing speed is 200 rpm when use as bar tacking machine for ropes (733PLC/R)

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