S400 Ultrasonic sealing machine (ultrasonic sewing machine and welding machine)

S400 Ultrasonic sealing machine with rolling sonotrode

The S400 is used specifically in thread less technology. Provides totally watertight seams. Uses a quiet but powerful 35KHZ generator. Fully certified and CE marked against hearing damage from ultrasonic generator noise. There is a microprocessor control with a HMI screen operator interface. The design and function of the machine provides excellent control in the constructions of curved seams and is operated just like a standard sewing machine. Capable of handling all types of materials with synthetic content, stretch materials, laminated and coated materials, fleece and soft shell fabrics, non wovens, cotton blends etc.
Seams are less bulky.
Uses minimal seam allowances creating flatter seams.
Improves comfort levels on next to skin garments.
Cleaner cosmetic appearance.

Applications: underwear, sportswear, medical gowns, outerwear, rucksacks, bags, nylon-pvc and nylon-pu, oxford cloth and rubber cloth rain coats, jackets, wind coats, snow-suits, ski wears, nylon tents, military water-proof coverings and bags, light vehicle coverings, car coverings, etc.

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