How to install 9518-30 zigzag sail sewing machine for spinnakers

Hightex 9518-30/-518-30-17 is meight weight long arm zigzag sail making machine for spinnakers and windsurf sails, standard with rear puller feed and 4 cams for straight stitch, 1-step (2-points), 2-step (3-points), 3-step (4-points) zigzag.

This sail making machine usually packed into 3 packages:
1 ×plywood: sewing machine head with built-in puller and accsorries box
1×carton: stand & table
1×Servo-motor (engine)

Below below pictures show you how to install the machine. If you do not want install it personally, the machines can be completely assembled in house (Ready- to-Sew) and delivery by plarge ply-wood case.

Hightex Team

9518-30 zigzag sail sewing machine for spinnakers

Front view (completely)

Front view (bottom half)

Back view (top half)

Back view (bottom half)

Servo control box at right side of machine

DC servo-motor undertable

Positioner for automatic needle UP/DOWN position

Sewing speed controller

Power plug (200-240V, 50-60Hz, Single phase electric system)

6mm air tube (connect to air compressor)

Oil pan under table

Pedal linking rod


Built-in bobbin winder

Threading 1

Threading 2

Threading 3

Pneumatic rear puller feed

Reverse stitch and stitch length switch

Solenoid and air filter

Solenoid for foot lift, reverse stitch and puller lift

Back view of servo-motor

Cams for straight stitch, 1-step, 2-step, 3-step zigzag

Back few of puller

Servo control box output (see below diagram)

Servo control box wiring diagram

Below pictures are for completely assembly (Ready- to-Sew) :

Soft packing 1

Soft packing 2
Safe package by Plywood case

long arm zigzag sewing machine for spinnakers and windsurfing sails