High efficiency lashing straps sewing machine (Labor Saver)

High efficiency lashing straps sewing machine (Labor Saver)

The higher labor costs would initially force lifting and lashing straps manufacturers to adopt higher levels of productivity. HIGHTEX engineering team has been focusing on adoption of labor-saving technology.

This robotic sewing unit will replace 2 workers. In addition, the quality of the seam will be controlled by the computer. So you can reduce the cost of the finish product, improve quality and enlarge the production speed. These measures will enable us to compete with other manufacturers, both American, European and Asian (China), offering your customers high quality products at low prices.

Equipped with automatic thread burner.

7273CNC/X heavy duty, thick thread, high speed programmable pattern sewing machine can sew with extremely thick thread up to V415, V462 and 1500Dx3 high tenacity polyester yarn, ideal for manufacturing ratchet tie down, cargo lashing straps, spanet, lashing belts, lifting slings, seat belts and safety harness, tents, parachutes, rescue belts and military equipment.

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High efficiency lashing straps sewing machine (Labor Saver)