How to install CowBoy CB3200 cheap leather sewing machine

How to install CowBoy CB3200 cheap leather sewing machine

The CB3200 is an ideal machine for the hobbyist or the person who requires a heavy duty compound feed machine on a budget. The CB3200 is the lowest cost heavy duty compound feed saddle and Harness stitcher in the market today. It has a maximum sewable thickness of 1/2-5/8 thick depending on the type of leather being sewn. The 10.5 inch arm length of the machine makes it ideal for most small and large leather projects.

Components of stand & table

A = table       B = right and left stand (2x)       C = bottom bar    D = back bar
E = big pedal    F = small pedal    G = thread stand    H = caster wheels     K = hardware

Set up the stand, adjust the stand to a desired height and fix by 4 screws (A and B).

Mount the speed reducer on the table (by 3 bolts), align small pulley (A) of speed reducer and belt groove (B) on table. 

Mount the servo motor (A) on speed reducer, and control box (B) on table.

Put the table on stand, the speed controller of motor should be above the big pedal and small pedal. Then fix the stand and table by 4 self-tapping screw (B and C).

Before install the leather sewing machine head, please lock all 4 caster wheels.
WARNING: the machine very heavy, unlock caster wheels (movable stand) may cause damage and injure.

Mount the sewing machine head on table by 4 bolts (A).

If you buy the belt guard (optional), please mount 2 black supports on the machine (A).

Fix the inner belt guard on block supports by 2 screws (A).

Fix the outer belt safety cover on table (A) and inner belt guard by 5 screws (B and C).

Mount the bobbin winder by self-tapping screw (A and B).

Check: when bobbin winder in working condition, the winding wheel (A) touching the belt. Without hitting the belt in off working state.

Install the thread stand on back of flywheel, put coils for needle thread and bobbin thread.

Thread your CB3200 leather sewing machine properly (illustrated on 3 pictures).

Ready to Sew!

If you want to convert the cylinder bed leather stitcher to a flat bed sewing machine, you can mount the table top attachment (optional) by 4 long bolts.