How to install CowBoy CB3500 leather stitching machine

How to install CowBoy CB3500 leather stitching machine

The CB3500 leather stitching machine is good all around machine for sewing the heaviest of leather projects. The machine will sew 3/4 inch thick heavy leather with ease. It is an ideal leather sewing machine for those that will only sew smaller leather goods such as leather belts, custom bags, knife sheaths and gun holsters.

Set up the stand, adjust the stand to a desired height and fix by 4 screws (see the red arrow).

Mount the speed reducer and servo motor, align the largest pulley (lowest speed but with largest torque) and motor pulley.

Lock all 4 caster wheels.
WARNING: the machine very heavy, unlock caster wheels (movable stand) may cause damage and injure.

Mount the table onto stand with 4 bolts.

Mount the leather sewing machine head onto table with 4 bolts.

Install the flywheel (hand wheel).

Or install the super large MEGA flywheel (optional), to slow down sewing speed and increase needle penetration force.

Mount the speed controller under table, and connect the big pedal (to start sewing) and speed controller. The small pedal is for lifting presser foot lift, link to the hook at back of machine.

Mount the bobbin winder by 2 self-tapping screws.
When bobbin winder in working condition, the winding wheel touching the belt. 

When the bobbin winder is off work, the winding wheel should NOT touch the belt.

The 2 black brackets are spare for mounting belt guard (optional).

Thread your CB3500 leather stitching machine properly (illustrated on 3 pictures).

Ready to Sew!

If you want to convert the cylinder bed leather stitcher to a flat bed leather sewing machine, you can mount the table top attachment (optional) by 4 long bolts.