How to operate Heavy Duty Webbing Automatic Cutting and Winding Machine

Quick Guide for HighTex  828-UV60-WG Automatic length cutting, measuring and winding machine for cargo lashing straps and harness webbing

1. Connection to air compessor.

2. Connect to 200-240V/50-60Hz electric.

3. Push the switch open to open box.

4. Check the air pressure, make sure it is about 0.6MPa.

5. Turn on the switch.

6. Tape the webbing (1)

7.  6. Tape the webbing (2)

8. Tape the webbing (3)

9. Tape the webbing (4)

10. Tape the webbing (5)

11. Tape the webbing (6)

12. Tape the webbing (7)

13. Tape the webbing (8)

14. Tape the webbing (9)

15. Tape the webbing (10)

16. Tape the webbing (11), now the webbing is ready. If you are still not clear, please watch the video on youtube
17. Click "shit up" and "move down", to move the working head, make it detect the Sensor in below picture.
Then click "Step back to origin", the working head will back to the original position.

Sensor with RED arrow.

18.  Working head will back to the original position
19. Press "Pinch" to clamp the webbing.
20. Webbing has been clamped.

21. Press "Cutter" to cut webbing, make sure 2 webbing are aligned
22. Press "Start-up" to run the machine

More automatic webbing cutting and sewing machine refer to, thanks!