Quick Guide for 204-370PRO thick threads decorative stitches sewing machine

HighTex 204-370-PRO is post bed sewing machine twin needle, triple feed, crochet Barrel, suitable for twin needle seams and decorative seams on very thick materials and leather with braided thread, more information refer to

Below is the Quick Guide for beginner:

1. Connect this machine to an air compressor, by a 8mm air tube.

2. Connect to 200-240V, 50-60HZ electric source.

3. Turn on the machine, you will see the green LED lights up.

4. Select sewing pattern, there are 2 methods to select sewing pattern.  First way is to turn page by Right or Left arrow, when you find the right sewing pattern, click the number directly, then click the Enter for confirmation.

5. Second way to select sewing pattern is to click the key of "Number", you will see below interface.

6. Input the number of sewng pattern.

7. Click OK.

8. Click "Enter key" for confirmation, it is very very important!! Every time when you turn on machine or select new sewing pattern, you have to click this key for confirmatin. After that the machine will back to Origin Position, below 2 pictures are Origin Position view from different angle.

8.1 View from front side, the 2 needles must be parallel to the back parts.

8.2 View from left side. WARNING: only the machine in Origin Position as above 2 pictures, you can start to sew.

9. If you are sure the machine is in Origin Position, click the key to lift up presser foot.

10. Insert the material.

11. Same as other heavy duty industrial sewing machine, you must hold the 2 needle threads at first stitch, otherwise the machine will be jammed.
Now you can start to test and run your machine. 

12. WARNING: When the presser foot in UP position, please DO NOT click the "Enter key" as step #8. If you do,  the needle bar will turn, the needle will hit the inside presser foot and damage the machine (see above picture).

13. When you re-thread your machine, sometime the holes on needle clamp are not in front (you cannot see them), you need to turn the flywheel by hand, move the 2 thread holes to front.

14. General information for the switch.

15. General information for the panel.
VERY VERY  IMPORTANT: you have to click the Enter key with 4 arrows, whenever:
1). Turn on machine;
2). Select new sewing pattern;
3). Change parameter in above panel.

If you have any additional question or concern, please feel free to contact us at, thanks!