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The zigzag sewing machine is the most used stitch in sail making. It has several advantages: it can over sew an edge to prevent fraying, the stitch configuration is somewhat elastic, and it can be taken out easily with a seam ripper. Most important, the holes in the cloth are not so close together as in a straight line, and thus are less prone to tearing. 

 Industrial grade zigzag machines have different names used by sail makers and machines suppliers: Sail making machine Sail sewing machine Sail repair sewing Machine Heavy duty zigzag sewing machine for sail corner reinforcement Sewing machine for ring & webbing corner patch Spinnakers sewing machine Windsurf sails sewing machine Heavy duty long arm zigzag sewing machine for sail makers and repairs 

Extra heavy duty zigzag lockstitch sewing machine High and long arm heavy duty zigzag sail making machine Long arm heavy duty zigzag for sail making and repair Heavy duty triple zigzag sail sewing machine Heavy duty walking foot zigzag sewing machine Long arm medium weight zigzag sewing machine 3-step zigzag lockstitch sewing machine with puller Sail making sewing machine Sail maker sewing machine Long arm zigzag machine for the sail makers Long arm machine for sewing spinnaker sails and surf sails Long arm zigzag machine for sewing large-surface sails Here are some typical zigzag models that widely used in sail loft: Singer 107W1 or 107W3, it will take from #30 to #138 thread, and stopped production maybe hundred years ago. Pfaff 138 is one of the finest general-purpose machines with reverse and adequate (10 inch) throat. This machine can be set up to sew anything from 1/2-ounce spinnaker nylon with #30 thread to 14 layers of 9-ounce Dacron cloth with #138 thread! Bernina 217 is another machine for high cost and quality comparable to the Pfaff 138. It sews best up through #92 thread with a #120 needle and is capable of, but not preferable for 9-ounce-and-up work. Adler 166-1, an ideal heavy duty zigzag sewing machine for a small one man loft this is sufficient for big sails and corner reinforcement. Adler 266-1, which sews with thread sizes of #138 and up. For large sails, thick corners, and storm sails, it is ideal. All above machines have been out production long time ago. You cannot find them (even used one) in the market. 

Today yachts and boats are getting bigger it is almost a necessity if you are to make repairs in the middle of a large sail to have a larger machine and high efficiency zigzag machine. Below sewing machines are very popular in modern sail making industry: High speed medium weight zigzag machines: Durkopp Adler 525, MINERVA 525, Sailmaster 9518 With above machines, you can go to max. 9 or 10 Oz. sailcloth with needle 140, thread V92 and heavier. Extra heavy duty zigzag lockstitch machines: Sailmaster 9266 (the fine coy of Adler 266-1) If you are going to use 138 thread most of the time and up to 277 thread and needle 250, Sailmaster 9266 is the best machine, ideal for very thick sails or reinforcing patch for corners of sails. Long arm medium weight zigzag sewing machine with puller: DURKOPP ADLER 525-75-101, Adler 525-75-105, MINERVA 72525-101, 72525-105, Sailmaster 9518-30 ( All kinds of zigzag operations in light to heavy weight woolen material as well as in synthetic fabrics and light weight leather can reliably be realized with these machines. Best machine for sewing and repairing spinnaker sails and surfing sails. Long arm and high arm extra heavy duty zigzag machine with puller: DURKOPP ADLER 366-76-12-HM, Sailmaster 9366-31HA ( The largest zigzag sewing machine designed for straight stitch, 1-step, 2-step and 3-step zigzag operations in the production of large-surface sails using very thick thread size 11/3 Nm and needle 250. Standard supplied with top & bottom feed puller system closely behind the sewing foot.

IMB2009 sewing machinery exhibition in Cologne, Germany

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