COWBOY 221 extra heavy duty long arm double needle sewing machine

This machine is more suitable for difficult or very challenging sewing tasks. The sewing machine arm has been extended to give approximately 760 mm which is very useful when sewing large upholstery panels, car trimmings, boat carpets and other inflatable upholstery products. The powerful and effective feeding system can definitely guarantee even and uniform stitches on your projects, like tents, parachutes, sails, tarpaulins, awnings, pool covers and any type upholstery fabrics. COWBOY #7221-76-273 with extremely high sewing foot lift up to 20mm facilitates the feeding and removing of bulky workpieces. It can easily sew layers of slippery materials with thread up to Nm 10/3 with stitch lengths of 10 mm. Long sewing cycles without bobbin changes due t oversize vertical hook with high bobbin capacity, even using thick thread. COWBOY #7221-76-273 is interchangeable with Durkopp Adler 221-76-273, can replace Seiko JW-28BL-30-2 and Juki LG-158. It is widely used in manufacturing of tents, tarps, awnings, truck covers, auto, marine and furniture upholstery, sails, matting, carpets, polishing wheels, mops, luggage, construction barriers, field covers, divider curtains, fabric structures and heavy bulky products. This machine can be supplied with automatic foot lift, automatic back tacking, needle cooling system, automatic thread tension, rear puller and needle position motor.

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